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Ozone - Oxygen Therapiesby Nathaniel Altman, Author of the book Oxygen Healing Therapies

Charlie Foster from The Institute for Natural Healing shares anti-aging secrets
held on the shelf for 22 years!

Reverse up to 20 years of aging in just 6 months

In July 1990, researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin revealed they found a way to reverse up to 20 years of aging in just 6 months – in a random group of men as old as 81.

These men lost 14.4% of their body fat... gained 8.8% lean body mass… their skin thickened...and their bone density increased. And it was backed up, peer reviewed, and published in one of the world’s most respected medical journals.

So why has this anti-aging miracle sat on the shelf for 22 years?

Watch this special video presentation and find out. Plus discover how you can get all details on how to ramp up your body’s production of this age-reversing compound all on your own – without a doctor.

These long-held secrets are now out in the open. But for how long?
I urge you to watch this special video alert now.
To your health,

Charlie Foster
Research Manager
The Institute for Natural Healing

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How This French Probiotic
Discovery Changes Everything 

In This Issue: 

*Did You Know...?
*Featured Article: How This French Probiotic Discovery Changes Everything
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Horrible Injury Leads Young Doctor to Discover the Key to Reversing Arthritis 

Did You Know... 

... that the herbal extract rhodiola not only enhances physical and mental performance and alleviates stress and fatigue, but may also help increase your lifespan by 24%?

     This herbal extract, rhodiola, also known as arctic or golden root, hails from the Arctic regions of Europe and Asia and has been used for centuries as a traditional remedy for fatigue... depression... anxiety... poor concentration and memory... and as a tonic to boost physical and mental performance and stimulate the nervous system.

     Now, even better news: Results from a recent study suggest that rhodiola may also be able to increase lifespan.

De-stress with Rhodiola

Scientific studies have confirmed that rhodiola alleviates stress fatigue and mild to moderate depression, and is most likely effective against general anxiety disorder (GAD).

     In a 2008 UCLA human trial rhodiola administered over a course of ten weeks exhibited significant improvement in patient's anxiety symptoms.  A 2007 study published in the Nordic Journal of Psychiatryshowed that subjects with mild to moderate depression who took rhodiola manifested fewer symptoms than did patients who took a placebo.

     Numerous studies indicate that rhodiola works faster than conventional antidepressants, often in under a week!

Perform Like a Rock Star with Rodiola

Studies have shown that rhodiola significantly enhances mental and physical performance.

     A 2002 review of extensive human and animal studies published inHerbalGram (the journal of the American Botanical Council) show that rhodiola helps prevent fatigue, stress and the destructive effects of oxygen deprivation.  Evidence also shows that rhodiola's antioxidant properties serve to strengthen immune system function and increase stamina.

     A 2011 review of 11 placebo-controlled human studies suggests thatrhodiola improves physical endurance, mental performance, and mental health.

Live Longer with Rhodiola?

The most recent and exciting study of rhodiola has the scientific community is buzzing.  This study was conducted by UC Irvine researchers, who were able to increase the lifespan of fruit flies by an average of 24% using rhodiola extract.

     "It demonstrates that rhodiola can act even in individuals who are already long-lived and healthy.  This is quite unlike resveratrol, which appears to only act in overfed or unhealthy individuals," explains Mahtab Jafari, associate professor of pharmaceutical sciences.

     In addition to increasing life span in multiple strains of both male and female fruit flies, rhodiola alsoprevented decline of physical performance in aging flies and extended the lives of older flies.
     UC Irvine researchers are currently testing the plant's potential to help stem cells grow, treat Alzheimer's disease, and kill cancer cells.

     Preliminary studies confirm that rhodiola may have anti-cancer properties.  Laboratory studies show that salidroside (an active compound in rhodiola), may protect nerves and defend against cancer.  It may also protect heart health for breast cancer patients treated with the chemotherapy drug epirubicin.

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Featured Article:
How This French Probiotic Discovery
Changes Everything

Discover the Big Fat Lies You've Been Told About
Probiotics and the French Secret to Flawless Digestion

Are you one of the 60 to 70 million people suffering from a digestive issues?

     Take this brief health quiz to find out.

Have you ever experienced...

 occasional constipation or diarrhea?   

 irregular bowels?    

 embarrassing and frequent gas?    


 extremely foul-smelling stools?   

 digestive pain?   

 bad breath?   

 periodic heartburn?   

 big tummy bloat?   

 lower back pain?   

     If you answered yes to at least one of the questions above, you may have suffered from mild digestive problems at one time or another.  But if you have experienced any of the aforementioned symptoms 2 or more times a week, then it is highly likely that your digestive system, including your intestinal tract and colon, are not functioning at their most optimal.  Perhaps you—like most people in this world—think that these symptoms, while uncomfortable, are certainly not cause for alarm, but that's simply not true.

      When your digestive system becomes sluggish, dangerous toxins build up in your bowels.  Preliminary symptoms—such as bad breath, allergies, fatigue, headaches and feeling "the blues"—gradually gain in severity to include more harmful symptoms such as constipation, hemorrhoids, and general bowel irritation.  That's not all—the prognosis gets worse: When digestive disorders are left untreated more serious health conditions manifest.

An Easy, All-Natural and Affordable Solution for Digestive Concerns

If you've ever scoped out the latest and greatest all natural treatments for healing digestive upset or boosting your immune system, then chances are you've stumbled upon probiotics.  Probiotics are healthful live bacteria that flourish naturally in fermented foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut, kombucha and even sourdough bread.  "Probiotic" literally translates to "for life" and supplementing with probiotics can aid digestion, strengthen immunity, and support overall health.

     Healthy humans are born with a plethora of good bacteria in their intestines, but as we grow older and succumb to poor diets and antibiotics our store of live bacteria is depleted.  And did you know that 70% of the body's natural defenses are found in the gut?  Your immune system depends on the smooth functioning of your digestive system, and it is imperative to supplement with probiotics in order to rejuvenate your supply of friendly bacteria and nourish your digestive health.

     Here's why: The lining of your digestive tract is like a fortress wall that keeps invaders (bugs and toxins) from attacking.  If you don't have enough good bacteria in your gut, then that wall is lined with holes and your entire body is in jeopardy—your blood and organs threatened.  A probiotic patches up these holes and protects your health by sticking to the colon wall and forming an impenetrable barrier.

The Probiotic Bluff

Unfortunately, only a handful of the more than 300 probiotic strains have actually been tested and scientifically validated as beneficial.  The probiotic market conceals this fact beautifully, bringing in more than $30 billion in sales annually with probiotic pills, pizzas, smoothies... even chocolate!

     But the ugly truth is, the majority of these probiotic promises have no research backing them up and are mere bluffs.  Researchers have found it difficult to find loopholes around the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's ill-conceived laws that specify that in order to conduct clinical trials on a probiotic, that probiotic must be registered as a drug.  Imagine labeling yogurt, a food rich in probiotics, as a prescription drug!  Unfortunately, consumers get the short end of the stick as we have to trust the claims of the probiotic manufacturers, claims that are often unproven and deceiving.

     Not only have many of the probiotic strains in your supplement NOT been tested, but they have also been combined with other strains that could potentially inhibit the activity of healthful bacteria, rendering the supplement altogether useless.

     And then there are the badly planned manufacturing methods used by most probiotic companies.  Probiotic strains are grown in a petri dish in a lab and then centrifuged (or spun) together, a process that breaks bacteria chains and strips good bacteria of nutrients.  In this state, they are in no condition to deliver the digestive support you need.  Not to mention that when manufacturers use the same equipment for different probiotic strains, cross-contamination occurs!

New French Probiotic Discovery Changes Everything

You don't need a probiotic with 17 strains of live bacteria.  It's time the "MORE is BETTER" marketing hype of probiotic manufacturers is debunked.  More strains may counteract the benefits and most combinations simply haven't been proven to work.

     The French, who are widely known for indulging in fresh, rich food and wine, have a much simpler and altogether better approach to avoiding digestive woes.  They've discovered that it isn't about how MANY strains are in your probiotic; it's about how many will actually REACH your digestive tract alive, and how many will actually grow and flourish.  Unfortunately, not many—the acid in your stomach fries the majority, and multi-strain products are particularly vulnerable to attack.

     There is really only one strain of probiotic that has sustained a 50-year track record of success, has been clinically proven to work ON HUMANS, and has been DNA tested and approved in 15 countries around the world... WITHOUT a single safety complaint.

     Hailing from the mountains of France, this probiotic strain has been scientifically substantiated as a remarkable digestive aid.  Countries such as France and Japan, which aren't held back by FDA regulations, have conducted numerous studies affirming its effectiveness.  Results of one French study indicated that this probiotic strain was 11 times more potent at enhancing digestive health compared to a placebo.  After just 28 days of supplementation, study participants experienced 36 times less abdominal pain, 5 times less bloating and 5 times more satisfaction with stool frequency.

Botox     A 4-week study conducted by the National Taiwanese University Hospital in Japan showed that this probiotic strain doubled defecation frequency, and those taking the supplement were 19 times happier than were those in the placebo group.

     The Journal of Clinical Microbiology published a similar study in which researchers analyzed how long this probiotic strain flourishes in your gut even after you stop supplementing.  After one month, study subjects stopped supplementing with the probiotic.  Three weeks later the probiotic was still healthy and thriving in 85.7% of participants.

     Until recently, this strain of probiotic wasn't even available in the United States.  But thanks to natural healing advocate Dr. Michael Cutler, a board certified family physician specializing in chronic degenerative diseases, you can now start fortifying your digestive health and put an end to chronic and embarrassing digestive upset.  Dr. Cutler has uncovered a probiotic that is uniquely fortified with prebiotic support (providing food the probiotic needs to be active and healthy in your gut) as well as postbiotic support to improve your overall digestion.  It is not centrifuged so that bacteria chains remain intact, just as nature intended.

     Click here to take control of your health today and to learn more about the French secret for flawless digestion... as well as the 3 biggest probiotic lies

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Horrible Injury Leads Young Doctor to Discover the
Key to Reversing Arthritis
     As a young man, Dr. Mark Wiley, PhD, had a horrible injury that caused his thighbone to slip off of the growth plate.  This led to osteo-arthritis at an early age and intense joint pain.

     Desperate and unable to find relief from Western Medicine, he set out on a quest to find healers in all corners of the world.

     He spent over a decade experimenting and researching until he was finally able to put together all the pieces and experience lasting relief from his Arthritis.

     His work is now compiled in his latest book, Arthritis Reversed—30 Days To Lasting Pain Relief From Joint Pain and Arthritis, and for a limited time, you can grab a free copy at the link below.  But hurry, the publisher is only giving away a few hundred copies.


Yes, You Really Can
Your Arthritis
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“In life, you find yourself where you’re supposed

to be.There’s always a reason.”

That’s how my conversation with Dr. Sandy

Schwartz(you can call him Dr. Sandy) began. And if

yourinterest is piqued, it should be.That initial statement would set thetonefor one of themostextraordinary conversationsI’veever had during my time here

at the Health Sciences Institute.

Icalled Dr. Sandy to learn more about an obscure

herb called Pueraria mirifica, a serendipitous discovery

that he madeshortly after deciding to drop anchorin

Bangkok,Thailand. And when asked how heended

up so far from his native New York City, heconfidently proclaimed that he was fated to collidewith

this ancient plant.

Thefirst half of its moniker (also called PM for

short) is simply the Latin term for what is locally

called kudzu—a genus of green plants nativeto

Southeast Asia. But it’s thesecond half that warrants

thelion’s share of your attention.

The direct translation of mirifica is “miraclemaker.” And when I heard what this herb could do, I

decided that the namecouldn’t be more appropriate.

Forcenturies, PM has been working magicthat (until

now, at least) most of us have only seen in big-budget

Hollywood films—or in our absolute wildest dreams.

Imagine having a full head of thick, dark hair well

into your 80s—no Clairol orexpensive procedures

necessary. Imagine your wrinkles and sagging skin

vanishing, leaving firm, taut, youthful skin in their

place. Imaginestaving off the devastating effects of

menopause, so that you’ll never suffer another sleepless night riddled with hot flashes again.

And if all that isn’tcompelling enough, imagine

being ableto combat breastcancer, ovarian cancer,

cervicalcancer and prostatecomplications—all with

this single “miraculous” herb.

If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the

numerous published studies that have been performed

on PM. Even better, ask the virile, active, and anything-but-elderlyThai villagerswho haveconsumed

variations of this plantevery day for generations.

Or you could ask Dr. Sandy, likeI did. As the

natural health pioneer who’s made it his mission to

put this herb on the Western end of the map, he’ll tell

you that Pueraria mirifica certainly lives up to its

An anti-aging powerhouse that’s
less toxic than water
Thefirst recorded account of PM dates all theway
back to 14th centuryThailand, wherethe highest
order of monks in the Northern Kingdom would
receivetonicscrafted from the herb as gifts from local
inhabitants.Today, you can still read the ancient palm
leaves that areinscribed with the plant’s numerous
(and incredible)capabilities,whichweretranslated
into modernThai by scholars in the 1930s.
“If aging men takethis medicine[they] will
becomestrong like a young man,” thetext professes—adding that “theingredient in the medicineis
very easy to find, but thespecification of theright
plant is very difficult.” As it turns out, there are 13
different species of “kudzu” inThailand. But only one
of them—Pueraria mirifica—has the astounding
power to reversethe many effects of aging.
That’s because PM has sole bragging rights to a
uniquecompound called miroestrol. It’s nearly identical in molecular structureto estriol, one of thethree
main estrogens produced by the human body in both
genders. But moreimportantly, youwon’tfind another
compoundwithmore potentestrogenic activity anywherein nature.
Analysis has shown that miroestrol—and its precursor deoxymiroestrol—has approximately 3,000
times theestrogenic activity of soy isoflavones and is
morethan 100 times more powerful than red clover,
two of the most popular alternatives for natural
menopauserelief today. But as Dr. Sandy explained to
me, this particular phytoestrogen doesn’t work in
quitethesame way. In fact, it’s far safer.
PM doesn’t simply mimicestrogen in the body
the way that other therapies do, whether bio-identical
or not.Instead, the herb (much likethe human
byproduct it resembles) acts on estrogen receptors. In
moreclear terms, it acts as a balancing agent: When
levels ofestrogen aretoo high, PM will tie up receptors to weaken the hormone’seffects—when levels are
low, the herb exerts the necessary estrogenic activity
without actually increasing the amount ofestrogen in
your body.
As a result, your hormones are modulated and
signs of aging linked to your body’s numerousestrogen-receptors (whether it’s menopausal symptoms,
wrinkles, balding, or graying hair) are halted or
reversed. And without any risk of toxicity,either.
On the LD50 test (which measures the dosagethat
would kill laboratory animals after 14 days,expressed
inweight of material per kilogram of bodyweight),
simplewaterscores a 16. Relativeto this, dried PM
root scores a moretoxic 7—butwhen theroot is
administered in theform of a standardized extract, the
scoreraises to 40, causing no animal deaths at all.
In short:It’s less toxic than water.

The chebulic myrobalan is of great importance in Ayurvedic medicine. It is known as haritaki in Sanskrit . It is an ingredient of Triphala, or 'three fruits', a rasayana which also contains Tbelerica (Bibhitakz) and Phyllanthus emblica (Amalakz). Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) is a very useful herb for digestive system.

Power Adapt and Botanabol for stress: now you can benefit from the herbal formulas that give olympic athletes and cosmonauts their competitive edge   Date: 6 June, 2008

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During the Cold War, in the USSRs quest to dominate
the world, its government had scientists secretly
researching natural herbal formulas that would give
them the edge in anything that could affect world
politics from the Olympic Games, to space travel,
to military operations.
The scientists found that beyond skill or training,
it is the bodys ability to handle and adapt to
stress that gives someone that extra boost needed to
pull ahead of the competition. This led to extensive
research on adaptogens. As the name implies,
adaptogens are combinations of herbs and other
plants that help the body adapt to high-stress
The use of natural adaptogen formulas catapulted the
Russians to success. Their athletes received record
numbers of medals at the Olympics and their
cosmonauts on the Mir Space Station experienced less
bone and muscle loss than anyone had expected they
even stayed in space longer than anyone else had up
to that point.
While most of us arent Olympic athletes or
astronauts, we still experience high levels of
stress that take a toll on our body systems. And
now, with the adaptogen products Power Adapt and
Botanabol, which are available here in the UK for
the first time, you can experience the same formulas
that brought so much success to the Soviets.
Stress relief: Its all about balance
In order to fully understand how and why these two
formulas are so important, you need to understand
the toll stress takes on your body.
Your ability to maintain a balance between anabolic
(building-up) and catabolic (breaking-down) activity
is critical to every aspect of human health. The
stress response throws off that balance and blocks
many of the bodys natural protection and repair
systems. Chronic stress causes the body to be in an
over-catabolic state. That has all sorts of negative
effects on human health, including muscle loss,
reduced cellular and systemic energy, poor physical
and mental performance, slow recovery from illness,
decreased immune responsiveness, hormone imbalances
and accelerated ageing.
Adaptogens improve your stress defence. They help
build up the energy reserves that are essential for
combating any type of stress and for recovering from
fatigue, illness, or trauma. They also reduce stress
reactions during extreme situations, which helps you
avoid that energy crash that comes after your
adrenaline stops pumping at high speed.1
General scientific studies have shown that
adaptogens do all of the following:2
*Make the stress response less damaging
*Reduce most signs of the alarm stage of the stress
response and delay the exhaustion stage or help
you avoid it altogether
*Help the body utilise fuel more efficiently, with
fewer toxic or waste by-products (such as lactic
acid) that can contribute to fatigue and reduced
energy output
* Use energy efficiently, making greater reserves
more readily available when you need them for
performing more difficult tasks
Alleviate stress: The Soviet stress-relieving duo
These two adaptogen products were formulated by
Donald Yance, M.H., AHG, C.N., and Ben Tabachnik,
Ph.D. In the former USSR, Dr. Tabachnik worked as a
coach for the Soviet Olympic Team and developed
alternatives to using anabolic steroids including
the use of herbal adaptogens. After he came to the
US, he began working with Yance, a practising
clinical master herbalist and certified
nutritionist, to develop Power Adapt and Botanabol.
The products were designed to work as a pair. Power
Adapt focuses on daily stress mitigation while
Botanabol focuses on anabolic function.
Power Adapt is a liquid tonic that contains extracts
from 12 different herbs. While we dont want to
overload you with too many details on the background
of each individual herb, we will highlight some of
the standouts.
Eleutherococcus senticosus (Eleuthero) is the most
widely researched herbal adaptogen and has been
shown to be highly effective in improving your
capability to respond to adverse conditions. Human
studies indicate that wild eleuthero extract
increases the ability of humans to withstand many
adverse physical conditions (i.e., heat, noise,
motion, workload increases, exercise and
decompression) and improves mental alertness and
work output, especially under stressful conditions.3
Rhaponticum (Leuzea carthamoides) actually prevents
the catabolic state brought on by stress. It
improves physical work capacity and coordination of
movement, increases athletic performance and builds
lean muscle mass.4
It also has a normalising effect on the central
nervous and cardiovascular systems. In human
studies, it has been shown to improve sleep,
appetite, mood and work performance under stressful
The other herbs in Power Adapt include schisandra
seed, panex ginseng, cordyceps, pantocrine,
Manchurian spikenard, ashwaganda, Arctic rose, wild
oat seed, liquorice and milky oat seed.
Stress relief: Russian mountain rock juice and other ingredients
that help rebuild what stress tears down
The second adaptogen product, Botanabol, offers
strong anabolic support, which is crucial in
recovering and rebuilding energy after youve been
exposed to stress. Our anabolic reserves tend to
decline as we age, so restoring them is actually a
key anti-ageing technique. Its also a useful tool
for helping to recover from any health challenge.
Botanabol, also formulated by Yance and Tabachnik,
is an herbal formula rich in ecdysterones which have
been extensively studied on professional and Olympic

Those athletes who use ecdisterones display a more
rapid passing of fatigue, less apathy after physical
work and improved performance in sports like
weightlifting, track and field, swimming and ski
racing. Ecdysterones increase the synthesis of
muscle proteins and accelerate muscle recovery. They
also aid in recovery after exercise by increasing
the removal of lactic and uric acid waste products.
In addition to ecdysterones, the other extracts in
Botanabol have also been scientifically researched.
One of the most unique herbs in the formula is
mumie, also called Russian mountain rock juice,
which has been used for centuries in Russia, where
it is known for its anabolic activity.
Traditionally, it is used for immune, nervous system
and urinary tract disorders, chronic fatigue, memory
loss, diabetes, drug withdrawal and sexual
dysfunction and to promote wound healing and bone
Overall, the Botanabol formula improves energy,
insulin and glucose control and stress resistance.
It increases protein synthesis, fostering muscle
growth and tissue repair and promotes optimal
immunity, vital organ protection, healing and
Power Adapt and Botanabol: What to take for best results
Power Adapts suggested dosage is 30 to 60 drops two
to three times daily. (You can add it to a small
amount of water or juice if you prefer.)
Botanabols suggested dosage is three capsules two
to three times daily, with plenty of water. This
formula should be taken in a three-weeks-on/one-
week-off cycle. For each product, optimum dosing
varies with age, physical activity, stress and
current health status.
You should not take either product if you are
pregnant or nursing except under supervision of a
qualified healthcare provider.
1. JAMA 1999;281(24):2268-70;Selye, Hans, M.D. The stress of life.Magraw-Hill Book Co., 1956;29-56
2. JAMA 1999;281(24):2268-70, Selye, Hans, M.D. The stress of life.Magraw-Hill Book Co., 1956;29-56
3. Econ of medical plant research 1985;156-215
4. Lupandin,A.V.Adaption and rehabilitation in sports. Khabarovsk: Institute of physical culture, 1991
5. Vladivostok:Far East Scientific Centre of the Academy of Science of the USSR,1981;135

Did you know that maintaining a healthy level of anabolic activity is critical to ensuring quality of life and longevity? Metabolism can be simply defined as the set of biochemical processes that occur in an organism to sustain life.  It can then be divided into two categories, processes that break down (catabolic) and processes that build up (anabolic).
Anabolic Versus CatabolicAnabolic processes create complex materials from simpler substances. This activity would include synthesizing the basic components of cells like proteins and lipids, as well as creating the storage form of nutrients to be utilized as needed for energy. The steroidal hormones that stimulate protein synthesis and muscle growth are traditionally classified by endocrinologists as anabolic hormones due to the nature of their effects on the body.
Catabolic processes move in the opposite direction, breaking down large molecules into smaller ones, and tend to release energy in the form of energy- rich compounds like adenosine triphosphate (ATP). They not only supply the energy to power anabolic activity, they also provide the small molecules (building blocks) required to create more complex molecules, and the electrons which act like “glue” by holding atoms together through chemical bonds.
A Healthy BalanceIn a cell where the anabolic processes dominate over the catabolic ones, growth will result. In a fully developed (non-growing) cell, a healthy balance will exist between the two states. This same concept applies to the entire organism. Take a human for example. As a child, youth naturally provides an anabolic dominant metabolism to support the growth requirements necessary for healthy development. This is the reason why children often bounce back quicker from illness and injury. Once fully mature, a balance between catabolic and anabolic activity is found to sustain the body. Maintaining this balance is crucial to ensuring quality of life and longevity, as it impacts every aspect of health.
Aging –  The Shift Toward Catabolic DominanceAs we age, the balance slowly shifts towards a more catabolic dominant metabolism, initiating the many physical and energetic changes we associate with later stages of life. The body becomes less efficient, losing the ability to keep pace with the rate of break down that is occurring. This shift results in decreased energy levels, physical deterioration, increased susceptibility to illness and injury, and longer recovery times. While this is a natural process that everyone experiences, the choices we make over the course of our lives can greatly improve our body’s ability to age gracefully. A healthy lifestyle that includes proper diet, regular exercise, and good rest is essential.
Supporting Anabolic RestorationIn conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, nutrients and botanicals that specifically promote anabolic activity can be highly effective tools for strengthening the body’s ability to regenerate and repair itself. Amino acid mineral chelates (creatine magnesium chelate), ecdysterone rich herbal extracts (Rhaponticum & Suma), and “super-food” concentrates (whey protein) have all been shown to support anabolic metabolism. Natura offers a variety of formulas that provide synergistic combinations of ingredients to encourage anabolic restoration and help maintain health and vitality for years to come. These includeBotanabol,Power Adapt,Amino-Max,Night Gain &  Beyond Whey.
For more information on ingredients and formula rationale for these products, please refer to our product sheets.


Anxiety…for Good Published by Fourth Avenue Health Group  ADDRESS: PO Box 960

Frederick, Maryland 21705  1-800-818-7209 Natural Health Dossier Joanne L. thought she was just getting burned out. Once energetic, she was now tired all the time. As an experienced nurse, she had always prided herself on being warm and friendly to patients and coworkers. But that began to change. 

“I was just too tired to care whether my patients were comfortable or not. I gave them their meds. But I didn’t talk very much. And when I wasn’t exhausted, I was irritated... Then I’d go home, collapse on the couch and watch TV every night. I didn’t want to do anything else.” 

At the age of 54, Joanne had hit a wall. She was suffering from depression and anxiety. She told herself to snap out of it. But she couldn’t shake it. Stress was partly to blame. But there was something else going on. 

Something she wasn’t aware of. She told her doctor she was exhausted. That was all he needed to hear. She left his office with prescriptions for an antidepressant and sleeping 

pills so she could get a “better quality of sleep.” Six months later, she still felt disconnected from everything, including her emotions. Her doctor tried different kinds of antidepressants. He even suggested she take a couple at the same time just to “cover all the bases.” 

Nothing helped. And with each change in the cocktail of meds, Joanne suffered a new round of horrible and embarrassing side effects. She finally had to take a leave of absence from work. 

Joanne didn’t want to take the prescriptions anymore. They clearly were not helping. 

So she researched. And she happened upon something that floored her. It was a concept that, even as a nurse, she’d never heard of. 

It didn’t include damaging pharmaceuticals. The discovery Joanne made was a radically different approach. And—unlike antidepressants—it didn’t just put a Band-Aid on her symptoms. It erased them. When Joanne went back to work, she was a different person. She no longer needed the drugs. And she easily let go of stress. “It was as if a light bulb turned on in my head. And I was in control of the ‘on/off’ switch. I controlled my stress. It didn’t control me,” she said. She admitted she was scared at first that it wasn’t 

going to work. Mostly because she had to accept an idea that was the exact opposite of what she had always been told. What she learned completely changed her perceptions. And it ended her anxiety and depression completely. To Joanne and her doctor, everything pointed to the brain’s chemicals—serotonin, dopamine, and 

norepinephrine—and the effort to “balance them.” And they were right… Evidence shows 

that people suffering from anxiety and depression are low in certain neurotransmitters. 

But brain chemicals weren’t the whole story. Joanne knew that if she truly wanted to feel 

better she’d have to change her thinking—in more ways than one…

The surprising truth Joanne learned about depression and anxiety. It wasn’t what Joanne expected to ever hear. Yes, her depression and anxiety were very real physical and mental conditions. That wasn’t the surprise. What astonished Joanne to learn was that they were habits. She was almost offended by this idea at first. It seemed ridiculous. But, it was completely grounded in biological fact. You see, over time, the more she thought about being depressed and anxious—or why she got that way—the more depressed and anxious she became. Her brain had become conditioned. It wasn’t her fault. There was an area of her brain causing her negative conditioning. And once she figured out how to reverse it with simple techniques, she was fast on the road to recovery. Turns out, Joanne’s oversensitive amygdala was to blame. The smartest part of your brain is also the dumbest. The amygdala is a small, almond-shaped area of gray matter on each side of the brain. It’s called your lizard brain because it’s responsible for your primal emotions and fear, ego, and pleasure responses. 

The amygdala does doesn’t care about logic. It’s why you feel emotions like love, fear, hate, rage, or lust. It acts on instinct before the rational part of your brain can chime in. 

Based on its perception of an event, the amygdala creates an emotional memory for you. 

With the help of stress hormones, that memory gets “burned” into your brain. So you won’t forget what happened. Biologically, there’s a perfectly good reason for its behavior… 

Say you’re hiking in the woods and you spot a black bear. Before the rest of your brain even registers what’s happening, your amygdala is pumping you full of stress hormones so you’ll run the opposite direction. The danger passes and you resume hiking. You 

sense another black shape up ahead. Before you realize it, your amygdala is pumping you full of those same stress hormones, sending the same signals telling you to run away before the bear tries to maul you…But as it turns out, the black shape isn’t a bear at all. It’s just a bush. Let’s say this happens three more times. Even though your logical brain knows they’re just bushes, your amygdala doesn’t. The amygdala sounds the alarm, until it eventually learns that all black shapes in the woods are not necessarily bears. 

Helping you avoid danger works great in confrontations with wild animals. In other 

situations, not so much. This automatic response can work against you. Like when you 

experience turbulence on a plane or get nervous giving a presentation. It can perceive danger—or even negativity—when there is none.The amygdala creates a strong emotional attachment to its decisions—whether they’re right or wrong. Those emotional attachments form into habits. To Joanne’s amygdala, certain stressors at work 

and home were “black bears.” And her amygdala was working overtime to protect her. 

Once she identified where her stress was coming from, she learned to stop her amygdala 

from hijacking her emotions. In this month’s issue of Natural Health Dossier, we’ll show you the simple tricks Joanne used. She ended her depression and anxiety by 

calming her amygdala and stopping negative responses. We’ve designed a “Brain Boot Camp” protocol to help you retrain your brain. You’ll learn to be confident, calmer, and happier. You’ll even give your I.Q. a boost in the process. This issue of NHD explains why depression and anxiety become habits in your brain. It tells you how the Navy Seals use this knowledge to overcome their fears during training. You’ll learn the real reason antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs won’t fix depression or anxiety. And finally, we’ll tell you about the most effective brain-boosting nutrients, including the emerging super-nutrient that gets better results than Prozac. Can you blame depression and anxiety on 

your amygdala? Mostly. The common trait depression and anxiety sufferers share is an overactive—hot—amygdala. It no longer calms down after an emotionally stressful event or series of events

Even low-grade, chronic stress will keep your amygdala in distress. 

It doesn’t want to let go of anything that has ever registered an emotional response. It 

doesn’t matter if it happened 20 years or five minutes ago. If it senses you are about to enter the same type of situation again, it can take over your brain before you realize it. 

There’s a name for this. It’s called an amygdala “hijack.”i  It works like this… You respond 

emotionally to anything your amygdala perceives as fear. It then throws your I.Q. and 

rational brain (prefrontal cortex) right out the window. When you’re upset and you “can’t think straight,” it’s because you actually can’t think at that moment. Your amygdala is using the blood supply in your brain and it’s not letting your cortex get much.
Making matters worse…you get a massive rush of adrenaline and cortisol during a disturbing event. The chemicals burn the emotional memory into your brain. Your brain then forms neuron pathways—grooves—so you’ll always remember the event. 
There’s the problem. If anything even slightly reminds your amygdala of that event, it lights up. It’s just trying to protect you. But each time it lights up, that negative neuron groove deepens. Even worse, you don’t always know when this is happening. 
The good news is that it’s possible to cool down your amygdala and control your stress response. The techniques we give you in our “Brain Boot Camp” protocol help you interrupt the amygdala signals before it can hijack your rational brain. 
Researcher and therapist Ashok Gupta of London’s Harley Stress Clinic told NHD that 
the “amygdala is like an angry child. You can’t shout at it, can’t tell it to stop what it’s doing. 
You have to soothe it. You have to calm it down. Much like a mother does to a child.” 
Gupta explained to us that depression is the “sum of anxieties.” The brain deals with 
prolonged anxiety by shutting down after a while. That’s why you often see the two 
conditions together. And that’s why this strategy helps both at the same time. 
“Brain Boot Camp” to conquer depression and anxiety. These training strategies will help you retrain the way you think and respond to your own stress and emotions. It’s repetition and conditioning. And it works. Just ask the Navy SEALs. Because of their mental training, their neural networks light up differently than a civilian’s brain. They’re mentally “panicproof.” The SEALs know that brain-body responses can be trained. It’s why they don’t panic when a parachute doesn’t open and they have ten seconds to either get to plan B or die. "It's actually not the worst feeling," says Chief Chase, 40, an intelligence operations liaison.
Chase has endured two parachute malfunctions in his 20 years with the SEALs. "You do what you're trained to do: Stay calm…"It’s all about controlling the stress response. 
You train your brain to make positive habits occur by default rather than panicking. 
Joanne didn’t need survival training to make it at work. But she did need to reframe her 
thoughts and habits. Desensitizing her amygdala was the key to stopping the stress. 
Amygdala retraining uses the principles of brain plasticity to help people rewire the brain with new habits. It reduces the fear responses that occur automatically.
What groove are you stuck in? Before you use the techniques, take a moment 
to identify your stress triggers and the coping habits you attach to them. Be as specific as possible. This is an important part of retraining your brain and changing negative grooves. Your brain can get stuck on a certain type of negative response to stress. For instance, do you overgeneralize a lot? It means that your brain is stuck on one negative experience that it now thinks holds true forever. Here are some other negative assumptions your 
amygdala might be making for you:  Diminishing the positive – coming up with reasons why positive events don’t count.  Mental Filtering – noticing the one thing that went wrong rather than all the things that went right. Jumping to conclusions – making negative interpretations without actual evidence.

Believe it or not, all of these are based on your amygdala’s fear response to a past emotional memory. It has nothing to do with what’s happening at the current moment. 
This “Brain Boot Camp” will help you banish those old, inaccurate memories and emotions 
and replace them with positive new ones. It doesn’t work on stress after it happens. These techniques desensitize your amygdala before stress occurs. 
Go through and practice one strategy at a time to see what works best and where you get bigger results. But remember, the key is practicing. You can’t expect to go in to any boot 
camp and completely change yourself after one session. Boot camp strategy 1: “Mind” your mind. Objective: Gives your brain and amygdala a break from worrying or dwelling on negativity. How to do it: 
1) Depression dwells on negatives from the past. Anxiety worries about the future. 
Focus on what’s happening right now. Bring yourself to the present by using 
activities to concentrate on. This can be as simple as getting out of your own head and really listening to the conversation you’re having instead of 
thinking about what you want to say. Or, it could mean going for a walk and 
observing everything around you as its happening. 
2) The key to making this successful is remaining present, without judgment of 
what’s happening or what’s being said.
3) Practice this whenever you notice your mind wandering to the past or worrying 
about the future. 
4) Meditate. Really. Meditation has been proven to affect your brain’s plasticity by 
rewiring your neural pathways. Over time, it trains your amygdala to be less 
reactive and calmer in all situations, not just while you’re meditating.v
Here’s an idea for sneaking in some calming meditation during the day…take 
2 minutes every few hours and try to think about nothing. Just listen to your 
own breathing. Or focus on one positive word. Don’t give energy to any thoughts 
that come to your mind. 
Two minute sessions throughout the day can help just as much as one 20 minutes 
one. There are also free phone apps that offer different types of meditation 
sessions and vary in length. Boot camp strategy #2: Visualize the heck 
out of your goals…but do it in chunks.The Navy SEALs use a “chunking” technique 
to stay alive and desensitize their brain to dangerous or frightening situations. They start 
small and progress to more complex steps of the goal they want to achieve. Like not falling to their death if their parachute fails to open. Objective: Progressively soothe your amygdala so it can eventually repeat your goal in real-time without fear. 
How to do it: 1) Get rid of negatives from past experiences: Allow yourself to visualize 
the stressful trigger that caused your amygdala to alert you. More important, 
allow yourself to feel the emotion—(fearful, sad, etc.) attached to it. See that 
it’s just a feeling. Remind yourself that you are in control of it and can adjust it. 
Practice mentally adjusting or shifting this feeling until it no longer “scares” 
your amygdala. 
2) Get rid of fear: The SEALs don’t just jump into dangerous situations—or out 
of planes—right away. They handle their fear in “chunks” until their amygdalas 
are trained to run on autopilot. Visualize your success in each chunk of your goal. 
Part of this is allowing yourself to feel the fear or other emotion associated with 
the event until it is no longer powerful. Once you've learned to visualize your 
success in the first chunk of your goal, do it in real-time. For instance, say 
giving a presentation to an audience causes you anxiety. Imagine yourself 
happily and clearly presenting to one person at first. Then actually do it in real 
time. Repeat this process until your amygdala no longer lights up and you’re 
comfortable. Progress until you succeed with an audience. 
3) Attach a positive emotion to your goals. Goals become much more powerful 
when you have a positive, emotional reason for wanting them. Be specific and 
be honest about what you really want. And if you don’t experience a powerful 
emotion when you think about your reason, keep looking. 
Boot camp Strategy #3: Get into a new groove. Objective: Break your negative habits and teach your amygdala that your rational brain is the boss. It can no longer hijack you.

How to do it: 1) Push yourself to do things—like socializing—even when you don’t 
feel like it. Most of the time you don’t feel like it because your amygdala is trying to keep you from being hurt, embarrassed, vulnerable, etc. 
2) Change your cues. If you want to change a behavior, change the cue that reminds your brain of that behavior. For instance quitting smoking doesn’t involve just telling 
yourself to stop. It means no longer going to the corner store where you normally buy your cigarettes. Or it could mean not hanging around your smoking buddies for a while. Figure 
out your cues and change them. 3) Talk yourself up. Neuroscientists 
estimate that we say “300 to 1,000 words to ourselves every waking 
minute.”vii Every minute! That’s a lot of self-talk and plenty of room to get 
judgmental. While much of this is subconscious, any time you consciously notice negative self-talk, find the positive opposite to tell your brain. 
4) Don’t avoid stress. That just makes you more stressed. It diminishes your 
ability to endure it over time. Anxiety can build the more you avoid facing a 
stressor. That’s why medications—even though they temporarily calm you—don’t offer lasting help. 
5) Use an emotional or stressful situation to do exactly the opposite of 
what your amygdala tells you.

For instance, Joanne’s stress at work stemmed from a co-worker who once 
questioned her way of caring for a patient. Joanne felt insulted. 
Whenever the co-worker asked Joanne a question after that event, 
Joanne felt insulted all over again. Even when the co-worker wasn’t 
actually being critical. Joanne had to teach her brain to stop 
reacting emotionally every time she talked to the co-worker. This meant 
listening rationally and refusing to let her amygdala hijack her brain. Once 
she practiced really listening, her brain began to calm down. 
This boot camp helps your brain from automatically defaulting to a negative or fearful 
response. Yes, your amygdala will continue to protect you. But you can calm it down so it’s not always hypersensitive. And the more you practice, the easier it becomes. No one else—and no medication—can do that for you. Why meds won’t help you get better. 
Seventy-five percent of patients who take antidepressants still experience at least five 
symptoms. Many report 12 or more. That includes sadness, insomnia, and decreased 
concentration. This was a surprise to severaresearchers, including Shawn McClintock, a 
clinical neuropsychologist at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. 
“This was eye-opening to us, that these symptoms still persist,” said McClintock after 
71 percent of his study participants reported sadness despite treatment with 
antidepressants.  We’re not surprised by that. Especially since we know that chemicals like antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs just mask symptoms without 
curing them. Dr. Ann Blake Tracey, author of Prozac: 
Panacea or Pandora, says that people consuming antidepressants are “chemically cut 
off from their humanness, cut off from love. They cannot feel compassion, sympathy, or 
connection.”Sound like an overstatement? Not really. Joanne 
said she felt like someone had given her a lobotomy. 
Masking your emotions with meds just allows you to avoid the underlying issue. That 
avoidance will keep you depressed, anxious or fearful because your own natural capacity to endure stress or change your grooves diminishes. 
Your amygdala stays in hyperactive mode if you don’t teach it to cool down. So, even if you do find some relief in medications, you have to take them for the rest of your life in order to keep masking your symptoms and emotions. But nourishing your brain goes beyond reframing your thinking. Your exercise and diet choices affect your neurotransmitters and mood every day. You don’t have to work out like a Navy 
SEAL. Just do something… During your brain boot camp, you’ll find that it’s easier to form new positive habits if you’re physically stronger. Exercise also nourishes 
your brain by flooding it with chemicals that improve both cognition and mood. 
Exercise releases feel-good chemicals and BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) 
which has a protective effect on your neurons. It’s why exercising makes you feel happier and mentally clear afterwards. 

Want to know the best time to exercise? It actually is in the morning. A study at 
Dartmouth showed that students who exercised regularly—and in the mornings—did better on tests. Even if you can’t exercise in the morning, exercising regularly increases mental performance overall.Walking for just 10 minutes can improve your 
mood for two hours afterwards. But you’ll want to do a little more than that—especially if 
you’re a guy. Dr. Madhukar Trivedi, M.D. professor at the University of Texas 
Southwestern Medical Center, said that depressed men respond better to exercise than 
women. Dr. Trivedi’s study found the more men exercised, the less depressed they were. 
Exercising two to three times a week for 30 minutes worked better for them than taking 
additional antidepressant medication.Like exercise, diet can lift your mood. If you’re 
eating the right kinds of foods… Keep your amygdala well-fed: your best 
brain foods. The amygdala can detect the flavor intensity of food. It will even encourage you to eat certain foods. But this can also cause stress eating. That’s why it’s important to give it brain foods and not “drain-foods,” like sugar and artificial chemicals. 
Nuts, coconut oil, fish, raw vegetables, and dark chocolate (70 percent cocoa at least) make you amygdala happy. Omega-3, chromium, and the B vitamins are especially important in supporting brain health and mood. Studies also show that probiotics reduce anxiety (see sidebar)
Natural Antidepressants 
Curcumin This compound in turmeric was compared to the popular antidepressant Prozac (fluoxetine) in a human clinical trial. It was just as effective. 
But with one major difference. The authors of the study, Dr. Ajay Goel and Charles A. 
Sammons, said that curcumin not only improved depression symptoms, it had none of 
the side effects of the drugs.According to the authors, depressed people 
have higher levels of inflammation in their brain. They also don’t produce as many new 
brain cells. Curcumin is a potent antiinflammatory and stimulator for new brain cell 
Researchers have found the fatty acids in omega-3, particularly EPA, increases the size of 
your amygdala. It stabilizes mood and improves cognition, especially in older people. 
In one study over four years, participants who had the highest levels of EPA in their blood had significantly less atrophy in the right amygdala. This is the side most associated with 
depression. Best sources of the EPA in Omega-3 are in cold-water, fatty fish like wild salmon, herring, mackerel, anchovies, sardines, and some coldwater fish oil supplements. Canned albacore tuna and lake trout can also be good sources, depending on how the fish were raised and processed. Chromium Depression can cause oversleeping and 
overeating. Chromium picolinate helps reduce carbohydrate cravings, eases mood swings, and boosts your energy. 
Major depressive disorder (MDD) is one of the hardest forms to treat because of its severity. In a study using 600 mg of chromium, 70 percent of participants with MDD showed a positive improvement in their symptoms and affect after affect is how you present yourself to others—enthusiastic, flat, joyful, etc. 
B Vitamins 
Most people who have depressive symptoms are also low in B-12 and folic acid.xvi
Deficiencies in either nutrient can trigger depression. We recommend at least 800 mcg.of 
folic acid and at least 1 mg. of B-12 a day to boost your mood and ward off depression and 

Older adults and vegetarians can sometimes have trouble getting enough B-12. It’s found 
mostly in animal products like fish, poultry, and eggs.This boot camp strategy for retraining your brain will help you reframe negative thoughts 
into positive ones. Every time you succeed at even one of these techniques, your brain will secrete feed-good chemicals. That helps you retrain your amygdala and create new positive neuron grooves. If you’re suffering from depression and anxiety—and even if you’re not—changing thehabitual thoughts in your brain and the way the 
amygdala reacts is crucial to your happiness. Joanne was lucky because she was able to 
recover pretty quickly. She no longer feels depressed but she continues to practice these 
techniques to keep her mind clear and positive.“Mentally I feel stronger than I ever have 
before. Just visualizing myself as a more positive person made me feel better… That, and 
getting off the antidepressants,” she said. Practice the protocol consistently and you’ll get calmer, happier, and even a little smarter. 

Run your amygdala so it doesn’t run you. Your amygdala doesn’t just help you escape 
life-threatening situations with superhuman speed. Just as quickly, it evaluates the 
emotional value of different types of stimuli. That includes events with social or reward 
value. And it can get you into trouble. It helps you: 
• Feel emotions and sense them in others. 
• Interpret facial expressions and body language. 
• Sense negativity and danger—lets you 
know who’s potentially “dangerous.” 
• Remember pleasurable experiences. 
• Regulate chronic pain and conditions 
like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue 

Depression and anxiety are both common in older adults. Both conditions usually co-exist 
and occur in people between 45 and 64 years old. Women are more likely to suffer but men don’t seek help as often. The symptoms between men and women are very different. 
How men and women deal with depression Women tend to: 
Blame themselves Feel sad, apathetic, and worthless Feel anxious and scared 
Avoid conflicts at all costs Feel slowed down and nervous Have trouble setting boundaries Find it easy to talk about self-doubt and despair Use food, friends, and "love" to self-medicate Men tend to: 
Blame others 
Feel angry, irritable, and egotistical 
Feel suspicious and guarded 
Create conflicts 
Feel restless and agitated 
Need to feel in control at all costs 
Find it “weak” to admit self-doubt or despair 
Use alcohol, TV, sports, and sex to selfmedicate 
Adapted from: Male Menopause by Jed 
The second brain connection to anxiety and 
Ever wonder why you get “butterflies” in your 
stomach before a big day? Or why you like to 
trust your “gut instinct?” 
Scientists call your gut your second brain. 
Nearly every chemical found in the brain has 
also been identified in the digestive tract, 
including serotonin and GABA. 
Although it’s originally made in your brain, 90 
percent of the serotonin in your body can be 
found in your digestive tract. The chemical 
connections are so strong that when you take 
probiotics for your gut, neurotransmitter levels 
increase in your brain. 
Researchers have found that taking probiotics 
reduces stress and anxiety. They measured 
changes in the brain chemistry of animals after 
feeding them probiotics. The levels of GABA 
increased in their brains. The probiotics 
significantly lowered levels of their stress 
Three “Happiness Habits” that support your 
brain training boot camp: 
• Take a note from the Navy SEALs and 
make goals. Even if you just pick three small 
ones and check them off during the day. 
Recording your progress through smaller steps 
in achieving goals helps create those new 
positive grooves in your brain. 
• Want to believe your own affirmations? 
Tell them to your brain when you’re in an 
“alpha” state of mind—as you’re falling asleep 
or during meditation. That’s when your brain is 
most receptive to what you tell it. That’s also 
why meditation—and the alpha waves produced 
during the activity—makes your brain more 
receptive to change. 
• Choose friends wisely. Depression and 
anxiety can be contagious. A recent study of 
college roommates found that depression can 
actually “rub off” on others. People who 
generally respond negatively to life events are 
more likely to make others around them 
depressed. No surprise there. 
This boot camp strategy for retrain

The second brain connection to anxiety and 
Ever wonder why you get “butterflies” in your 
stomach before a big day? Or why you like to 
trust your “gut instinct?” 
Scientists call your gut your second brain. 
Nearly every chemical found in the brain has 
also been identified in the digestive tract, 
including serotonin and GABA. 
Although it’s originally made in your brain, 90 
percent of the serotonin in your body can be 
found in your digestive tract. The chemical 
connections are so strong that when you take 
probiotics for your gut, neurotransmitter levels 
increase in your brain. 
Researchers have found that taking probiotics 
reduces stress and anxiety. They measured 
changes in the brain chemistry of animals after 
feeding them probiotics. The levels of GABA 
increased in their brains. The probiotics 
significantly lowered levels of their stress 

Joint relief genius stuns science—rattles neighbors—with incredible in-home discovery

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Here’s how.
When you break down Boswellia Extract into its chemical components...
There’s one in particular that really stands out for its ability to help keep your joints smooth and comfortable.
An amazing active ingredient known as AKBA.
This one single molecule alone helps Boswellia soothe over 113 genes directly related to everyday aches and pains on a cellular level.  
But there’s a problem.
Boswellia Extract in its natural form typically only contains about 2-3% of this joint-comforting compound...
So it normally requires a larger dose for you to feel its soothing effects.
It’s also notoriously difficult for your body to absorb AKBA, so it can be hard for it to get to your joints and start working its magic.
So now you’re starting to see that even this age-old joint supporter has its shortcomings...
But thankfully, so did the developers of a groundbreaking joint-supporting ingredient, known as AprèsFlex®.
The researchers behind AprèsFlex developed a patented method of concentration that guarantees a minimum AKBA level of 20% in every dose. That’s more than 6 TIMES the amount found in natural Boswellia Extract. 
And it’s also been scientifically shown to make AKBA an eye-popping 50% more absorbable in your bloodstream...
What does this mean for you?
Better, faster joint comfort and protection—that’s what!

AprèsFlex goes to work on your joints
better than one of the most popular Boswellia brands on the market!

It’s true!
With AprèsFlex, the soothing power of AKBA is rushed to your joints, and the difference it makes in your comfort and mobility is second-to-none.
Now it’s one thing to say this, but you and I want proof.
But we aren’t the only ones... so did the scientists behind AprèsFlex.
So they used the gold standard of joint comfort tests, the WOMAC Scale, to test AprèsFlex against one of the top-selling Boswellia Extracts on the market for 90 days.
And the results speak for themselves...
When compared to placebo, AprèsFlex is scientifically shown to help...

Relieve joint stiffness by 60.1% (that’s almost 31% better than the leading brand!)

Improve physical function by 49.4% (that’s two times better than the leading brand!)

Improve overall joint comfort by 61.7% (that’s two times better than the leading brand!)

In short, when it comes to AprèsFlex, there’s simply no substitute.
Whether you want to work all day or dance the night away, AprèsFlex makes sure you’ll do it in comfort with joints as smooth as silk.
So you can sign up for that aerobics class you’ve been putting off...
Take that hike you’ve wanted to try...
Or finally plant that garden in the back yard...

AprèsFlex sets
your joints in motion

And believe it or not, we’re only getting warmed up...
We’ve talked about how SemperFlex uses two cutting-edge ingredients—with tons of research behind them—to help soothe and improve your joint comfort and flexibility...
But now let’s touch on how SemperFlex helps support your joints by protecting you from multiple threats to your comfort...
Many of which you’d never suspect could have an impact on your joints.
And this first one is huge...
You see, your body is constantly exposed to what are known as Advanced Glycation End Products, or AGEs...
AGEs can cause unwanted inflammation, which scientists believe could contribute to joint concerns...
And these AGEs can show up in the most unlikely of places...
For instance...
  • Apple Pie
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Meat Loaf
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Buttered Toast
They all seem harmless enough but they’re actually the 5 most innocent foods that could be sabotaging your joint comfort.
I know... I was surprised too!
But it’s a sad fact that everyday foods such as eggs, poultry, fried fish... (and many, many more) are loaded with AGE toxins... Especially when grilled, fried or broiled.
Overtime, these AGEs can steadily build up in your body, until before you know it...

Your joints, muscles and tissue
could be loaded with junk

So what does this have to do with your joint comfort?
Plenty! As I explained earlier...
AGEs can cause inflammation in everyone.
And unfortunately, there’s just no way to completely avoid these AGEs...
They’re virtually everywhere you look!
Milk, eggs, bacon... you name it.
But there IS a way to help fight the effects of those AGEs and help support overall joint comfort.
And you don’t have to start eating rabbit food, drinking fancy green teas or schedule an expensive new-age detox to do it...
In fact,

Soothing joint comfort
has never been easier.

All you may need is a simple natural ingredient known as Bromelain.
The science behind Bromelain stretches back to the late ‘60s and researchers have long been blown away by its potential to promote a healthy inflammatory response...
Which is exactly what you need to help soothe the inflammation caused by AGEs.
But a more recent study really put Bromelain on the joint comfort radar...
In this open-label study, 77 participants were given either 200 mg or 400 mg of Bromelain and then asked to measure their comfort level before they began taking it and again after 30 days.
As before, this study used the Gold Standard of joint comfort measurements, the WOMAC Scale... And the results show exactly why Bromelain’s potential makes it an absolute must for your joint comfort and mobility.
When compared to their baseline scores the group taking 200 mg showed...
  • Improvement in overall comfort
  • Reduction in overall stiffness
  • Improvement in overall physical function 
And the group that took 400 mg of Bromelain reported even MORE improvement in all three areas when compared to those who took the smaller dose!
So the more Bromelain they took, the better they felt!
And Dr. Douglass thinks Bromelain is so important to your overall joint comfort that he’s not stopping at 200 mg, 400 mg or even 600 mg.
He’s authorized our development team to pack SemperFlex with a whopping 750 mg of Bromelain in every dose!
You won’t believe the difference in joint comfort you’ll feel with Bromelain on your side.
Whether you’re walking, running or jumping, Bromelain helps you do it all with more comfort than you’ve ever imagined.
But believe it or not, Dr. Douglass wouldn’t let us stop there.
Because there’s one more threat to your joint comfort out there that almost no one is talking about... And it’s growing every day.
In fact, Jeffrey Blumberg, Ph.D., Professor of Nutrition at Tufts University, says...

Your body is now more exposed
to this threat than at any other point
in the last 200 years

So what is this mystery menace that could be affecting your joint comfort?
The same process that causes apples to turn brown, strips paint off your car and turns metal to rust is causing problems inside your body (including your joints) as we speak.
And as levels of pollution have risen over the centuries... So have our bodies’ oxidation levels.
Over time, oxidation takes its toll on your joints and contributes to those joint concerns that come with age.
And like AGEs, oxidation is an unavoidable reality of life in the 21st century.
That’s why Dr. Douglass insisted on what he thinks is one of the most powerful antioxidants around.
One so powerful that world-renowned Doctor Oz even referred to its juice as...

“The ultimate anti-oxidant.”

Tart Cherry

That’s right, I’m talking about tart cherry...
And there’s a reasons he’s excited about this simple little ingredient.
In fact, there are LOTS of reasons to be excited...
For one thing, tart cherry is absolutely jam-packed with vitamins such as A, E, K, B3, B5, and C... As well as minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium—all working together to help decrease oxidative stress and help soothe your joints.
And scientists believe it helps promote a healthy inflammatory response...
In fact, a study performed by Oregon Health & Science University said tart cherries do more than any other food to help promote a healthy inflammatory response.
So why do your joints need such a powerful antioxidant?
Two reasons.
  • Your body has never been exposed more to the ravages of oxidation and...
  • Scientists have suggested that in many situations your ability to resist oxidative stress declines with age.

So your joints are being dealt
a one-two punch!

But tart cherry helps make it a fair fight by supercharging your natural defenses. So you can fend off oxidation at the pass.
And this helps SemperFlex make sure your joints will feel comfortable and cushioned taking that walk to the store...
Jogging around the block...
Or getting in a quick 18 holes with your buddies.
For SemperFlex, this truly is the “cherry on top”.
A bright red exclamation point on the end of a groundbreaking formula that’s helping usher in...

The next generation of
complete joint comfort

Frankly, Dr. Douglass has been doing this a long time and he can’t think of a more advanced joint formula.  
With SemperFlex you get...
UC-II: The “Breakfast Table Breakthrough” that doubles the comfort you’ll get from joint giants Glucosamine and Chondroitin.
AprèsFlex: The patented form of Boswellia Extract that works to soothe your joints better than even the most popular brands on the market.
Bromelain: The joint “junk” fighter that helps combat the effects of AGEs by promoting a healthy inflammatory response to help ease your joint concerns.
And Tart Cherry: The “ultimate antioxidant”, that helps fight oxidation and could take your joint comfort to new heights.
Believe me, with SemperFlex on your side...

Dancing days are
here again!

Dancing, hiking, golfing, swimming, walking, jumping...
Whatever it is you want to do!
SemperFlex makes sure you do it with more joint comfort and support than you’ve felt in years by combining these four revolutionary ingredients into three easy-to-swallow capsules.

But you need
to act fast...

This is the first time I know of that these four joint-soothing miracles have been combined into one single groundbreaking formula...
And with the amount of science, research and hype surrounding these ingredients, we expect demand to go through the roof.
So I want to be sure you can always get SemperFlex—and at the same low introductory price it is today.
And that’s why when you place your order today, we’re going to lock in that price by enrolling you in our free Auto-Delivery Service at no charge.  
And as long as you stay enrolled in this complimentary service, you’ll never need to worry about running out...
That way, when everyone else finds out about the awesome power of SemperFlex—you’ll already have your bottle AND the low price you pay today will be locked in forever!
Yes, even if demand skyrockets like we expect and our suppliers start charging more and more—that cost will NEVER be passed along to you.
And best of all, this service gives you...

Free shipping on every bottle

And it couldn’t be easier. In fact, you don’t have to do anything.  We’ll keep you enrolled in this free service for as long as you want! You’ll never have to call to reorder or worry about the price going up—or deal with any hassles of any kind.
Right before you’d run out, the same credit card you use today will be charged and your next order will conveniently show up right at your the shipping’s on us!
And we give you complete control! You can change the timing of your deliveries, place your order on hold—or even change the day your credit card is charged all with a quick phone call. And if you ever want to, you can cancel at any time.
And remember—all of this is absolutely FREE.
Because once you’ve tried SemperFlex—I know you’ll never want to run out. And with our Auto-Delivery Service, you won’t even have to think about it.
But that’s not the only perk! When you order right now, you’ll also receive Dr. Douglass’ exclusive...

Relief or Refund
Ultimate Lifetime Guarantee

How can we offer a 100% lifetime guarantee?
Well, it’s safe to say that Dr. Douglass is an expert when it comes to natural joint comfort...
And he’s so impressed with SemperFlex that he’s called it, “the most powerful natural joint formula I’ve seen in 40 years of practicing medicine.”
So that’s why we’re confident enough in SemperFlex to let you try it for as long as you want, 100% risk-free.
Give SemperFlex a try for 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 doesn’t matter!
If you don’t feel a dramatic difference in your joint comfort, flexibility and mobility, then simply return your bottles and we’ll pay you back every last cent! No questions asked.
It’s as simple as that.
Think about it...

The sooner you order,
the sooner your new life begins

Just click below and in a few short days, your risk-free order will arrive at your doorstep...
And that could be the last time you feel that creak in your back when you bend to pick up the package, that tweak in your legs as you carry it up the stairs, and that kink in your neck as you throw your head back and swallow.
Because you’ll be one of the first in the country to feel these four cutting-edge ingredients working together to soothe, improve and protect your aging joints.
You’ll practically feel SemperFlex massaging your back, kneading your fingers and rubbing your neck.
This is your no-strings-attached opportunity to help you keep...
  • Bending, stretching and kneeling in comfort
  • Reaching to tie those shoe laces with ease and agility
  • Hopping, skipping and jumping along with your grandkids
Heck, even if you just want to play putt-putt with the grandkids without feeling those tweaks and twinges—SemperFlex has what you need.
Simply put...

This is the miracle your joints
have been aching for!

So reach out and grab it today and finally experience what the next generation of joint comfort has in store for you.
Don’t delay.
Get your risk-free supply of SemperFlex now...while it’s still in stock.
To a new era of natural joint comfort,
Cathy Ann Turner
Vice President
Real Advantage Nutrients
P.S. SemperFlex truly is the next generation in true joint comfort. A tri-action formula that works to soothe, comfort and support your aging joints with 4 cutting edge ingredients. Including the joint comfort breakthrough, UC-II... clinically shown 2 times more effective than Glucosamine and Chondroitin COMBINED at improving joint comfort, mobility and flexibility. Try SemperFlex today 100% risk-free by taking advantage of our “Relief or Refund” Ultimate Lifetime Guarantee. Don’t miss out. Place your order today.

For The First Time Ever...
Harvard Scientists Reverse Aging

In 2010, a group of researchers at the Dana-Farber Institute
of Harvard University Medical School figured out
how to switch on the "immortality gene".

What the scientists saw “... was not a slowing down or stabilization of the aging process." Instead, they "saw a dramatic reversal...”
It was covered in Discover, Nature and The Guardian. But for the most part, it received very little coverage. Some would say it got "buried" for strange reasons.
That's not the end of the story.timepiece
Just a year before in 2009, three scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine for discovering this "immortality gene".
When that happened... Scientists, doctors and researchers all over the world -- from Spain, to South Africa, to the University of Utah -- began experimenting on this "immortality gene".
Everyone was in a race to "switch it on".
(You see, due to a strange twist of evolution or design... the "immortality gene" is switched off in each and every single human being on planet Earth.)
In other words -- we were all born with the ability to live longer, healthier and better lives...
But the ONE gene that can help us potentially live forever is turned off!
However -- living an extra 30, 50 or even 75 years in good health may be possible now.
In fact, 3 U.S. based companies have taken these amazing scientific breakthroughs, filed over 279 patents on it... and are not producing medical solutions you can take to activate your "immortality gene"!
To Your Health & Longevity,
signature file
Medical Research Associates
Breakthroughs in Health & Medicine Online Newsletter

Пептиды Эндолутен (20 капсул)
Эндолутен - биорегулятор эпифиза.
  • выделенные пептиды обладют избирательным действием на различные клетки сосудистой стенки;
  • пептидный комплекс нормализует метаболизм в клетках;
  • оказывает адресное и избирательное действие на клетки эпифиза;
  • нормализует процессы синтеза собственного мелатонина и работу нейроэндокринной системы;
  • регулирует абсолютно все циклические процессы в организме;
  • восстанавливает антиоксидантный и имунный статус;
  • Эндолутен единственный препарат увеличивающий клеточный ресурс всего организма на 42%.
Эндолутен рекомендован:  для нормализации функций нейроэндокринной системы;
  • для нормализации всех циклических процессов в организме;
  • для синхронизации биологических часов;
  • для нормализации работы половой системы;
  • для отсрочки и сглаживания проявления климакса;
  • для повышения фертильности (способности к деторождению);
  • для профилактики опухолей, особенно репродуктивной системы (снижает риск до 5 раз);
  • для нормализации иммунитета и антиоксидантного статуса;
  • для увеличения продолжительности жизни.
Эндолутен состав: пептидный комплекс А- (пептиды эпифиза) и др.
Рекомендации по применению: в качестве дополнительного источника пептидов (пептиды эпифиза).
Эндолутен рекомендуемая дозировка:
В профилактических целях пептидный биорегулятор Эндолутен применяют 1 раз в 3 месяца. Дозировка взрослым 1 капсула Эндолутен 1 раз в сутки до еды в течение 20 дней.
В случае паталогии пептидный биорегулятор Эндолутен применяют 1 раз в квартал. Дозировка взрослым 1 капсула Эндолутен 2 раза в сутки до еды. Продолжительность приема - 3-4 недели.
Не является лекарственным средством. Перед применением рекомендуется проконсультироваться с врачом.
Противопоказания: индивидуальная непереносимость компонентов, период беременности, грудного вскармливания.
Эндолутен условия хранения: в сухом, защищенном от света месте, при температуре от +2 до +25 °С.
Форма выпуска: пептиды Эндолутен 20 капсул по 0,2 г.
Производитель: Институт биорегуляции и геронтологии СЗО РАМН г.Санкт-Петербург.


For the next 24 hours, a shocking underground video is being made available to you.
(Although not offensive, it contains adult-oriented material and we suggest viewers be at least 21 years of age.)
For the first time, we're exposing the "forbidden" food that could be the biggest health breakthrough of our time.
Your whole life, you've been warned that this substance can wreak havoc on your health.
But the bad rap could be for nothing. Because doctors report this shunned food:
How to reverse muscle loss and strengthen your bones without
pills or exercise
You've probably heard the term "osteopenia." If your doctor says you have it, he simply means that you have bone loss, but not quite severe enough to term it "osteoporosis." There is a parallel term for muscle called sarcopenia, meaning muscle mass loss, and it often arrives with age.New Video Reveals 

3 hidden memory-
destroying triggers no one
told you about

If your memory is not what it used to be, you may have one or more of these 3 factors. This video presentation reveals the latest scientific research on how to undo the damage, and get your memory back in as little as 30 days.

Watch The Video NowIf you have sarcopenia, it requires working your muscles to reverse it. Unfortunately, those with sarcopenia often struggle to exercise. But there's a way to work the muscles without exercising. 

You might remember something I've discussed before called vibrational training. Vibrational training is done by a device that simply vibrates at a high rate while you are bearing weight on it. The vibrations impose a micro "g" force on your muscles and bones. The speed of the vibrations causes your nervous system to compensate and make corrections. These don't require exhaustive full-strength muscle work, like you would experience with weight lifting. But the rapid fire definitely tones muscles. Here's proof from a Belgium study.

In this study, researchers enrolled 61 men. All of them were older than 60. They divided the men into two groups of 31 and 30. They trained the first group with vibrational therapy. And they put the second group through fitness training. They measured all of the men's isometric strength of their knee extensors (quads), the muscle you use for climbing stairs. They also compared their "explosive muscle strength" and muscle mass of the upper leg. Explosive strength is analogous to the power you'd have in a jump. Then they measured them again one year later.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,These three parameters improved by 9.8%, 10.9%, and 3.4%, respectively in the vibrational therapy group and by 13.1%, 9.8%, and 3.8%, in the fitness training group. The differences between the two groups weren't statistically different. The authors concluded that vibrational training has the potential to prevent age-related muscle loss.
Not all vibrational therapy machines are the same. I happen to like the device caller Power Plate. It uses a high frequency, but low amplitude vibration that challenges your muscles, bones and nervous system to positively adapt. Aside from the improvements you see here with muscle, you also can see more mineralization in your bones and improvements in your coordination and nervous system responses. You can get more information on this unique system by following this link to a powerful video.
Robert J. Rowen, MD
REF: The Journals of Gerontology: Series A, Volume 62, Issue 6, Pp. 630-635.

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True Wave II Carbon/Ceramic Far Infrared Heating Technology

Our customers often ask, "What exactly is Far Infrared heat?" We have all experienced the following: It's a partly cloudy day and you are outside and it feels cool. All of a sudden the clouds move out of the way of the sun and a rush of warmth comes over you. This warm feeling is the far infrared band of sunlight warming your body. 

The far infrared band is part of the sun's invisible spectrum of light. This band of light has the ability to penetrate our skin and warm our body directly. The far infrared heat produced by your Clearlight Infrared Sauna is totally safe as there are none of the harmful rays of sunlight produced by our heaters, just natural healing heat. In fact, this heat is so safe that is it used in hospitals to keep newborns warm.

Many of the heaters you see in other infrared saunas were designed for industrial use - used to cure paint on cars, etc. Only Clearlights Infrared's True Wave II far infrared sauna heaters were designed specifically for an infrared sauna to give you the health and relaxation benefits you are looking for. 

In an infrared sauna, the quality of the infrared heat is the most important factor in determining the benefits you will receive from that sauna. By combining carbon fibers and compound ceramic in one heater, we have brought together the best of both worlds to give you the highest quality infrared heat imaginable. 

The sauna models you see on our website have been in production since 2000 - they are tried and true. We believe our success comes from our combination of exceptional quality construction and the highest quality far infrared heat specifically tuned to your body.
The Lazarus Cure
How a Nobel Prize winning
discovery can help you live longer
and beat almost any disease.

It’s nothing short of amazing. Thanks to a Nobel Prize winning discovery, you can now live longer, be healthier, and beat almost any disease. I call this discovery “the Lazarus Cure” because it can take aging cells and bring them back from the brink of death.
I’ll tell you all about the Lazarus Cure in just a moment, but first I need to explain why your body ages in the first place.
There are many symptoms of old age, but new research shows there is one main cause behind almost all of them. It’s called a telomere, and it determines the lifespan of every cell in your body.
Here’s how it works.
As you may know, every cell in your body contains DNA. And each time a cell divides, it makes a copy of that DNA. The problem is that the process isn’t perfect. Every time a cell divides, it loses a little bit of the DNA at the end of
the chromosome.
The DNA at the end of the chromosome is called the telomere. A telomere is basically “junk” DNA that keeps the chromosome from unraveling. It’s sort of like the little plastic cap at the end of your shoelace.
As you know, when the cap on your shoelace wears out, your shoelace unravels and stops functioning. Well, your chromosomes work the same way. Every time a cell divides and the DNA copies, a little bit of the telomere “cap’’ is lost. Eventually, the telomere becomes too short to hold the DNA together. At this point, the cell can no longer divide and it dies. These dying cells are what cause almost all “old age” diseases.
Research shows the shorter your telomeres are, the more likely you are to suffer from cancer, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, macular degeneration, and even skin aging. Dozens of studies link shortened telomeres to deadly diseases. For example…
  • Shortened telomeres increase your risk of dying from breast, prostate, colorectal, bladder, neck, lung and kidney cancer.
  • Shortened telomeres increase your risk of dying from infectious disease.
  • Shortened telomeres increase your risk of heart attack.
  • And shortened telomeres increase your risk of obesity and insulin resistance.
Until now scientists believed that there was no way to prevent your telomeres from shortening. They thought the aging process was irreversible.
Then two scientists discovered an “immortality enzyme” that can lengthen your telomeres. This enzyme actually adds DNA back to the ends of your telomeres and extends the life of your cells!
The enzyme is so powerful, the scientists who discovered it were awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine. The scientists named the enzyme telomerase.
In a groundbreaking study, researchers took a bunch of rapidly aged mice and activated their telomerase enzyme. After only 30 days, Telomerasereversed the age-related decline in every part of the body.
The mice grew new neurons in their brain. They produced new sperm cells. Their intestinal damage was reversed. Even their sense of smell was restored.
Not only that, but the mice lived dramatically longer! According to the researchers, the telomerase enzyme triggered “an unprecedented reversal of age-related decline”! And according to a review article, “In humans, this would be like restoring the health and vigor of a sickly 80-year-old to that of a young adult!”
The good news is that you have a telomerase gene in every cell of your body. The bad news is that it’s turned off in most of them.
So how can you turn on your telomerase gene? How can you activate telomerase so you can live longer and beat nearly all the diseases of old age?
Ever since news of the telomerase discovery came out, scientists have been rushing to find new ways to activate it. Already, dozens of studies have been done. These studies have found that there are several ways you can activate telomerase and lengthen your telomeres.
One of the most exciting of these is a new herbal extract called TA-65. And the research on this extract is sending shockwaves throughout the medical community.
Scientists recently tested the extract on a group of volunteers. First they took blood samples from the volunteers to measure the amount of telomerase and the length of their telomeres. Then they gave half the volunteers TA-65 and the other half a placebo. At the end of the study, they took blood samples again. And what they found astonished them. The telomerase levels of people taking the extract had more than tripled!
But that’s not all. Their eyesight got better … their sexual performance got better … their skin was smoother and more youthful … and their immune systems were stronger! And this all happened with no negative side effects!
Unfortunately, there is a major drawback with TA-65. It costs about $8,000 a year. which makes it unaffordable for most people.
But here’s great news. There are other things you can do to activate telomerase and lengthen your telomeres. And most of them cost just pennies! And that’s why I wrote a new report called, How to Reverse The Aging Process Cell By Cell. In this report you’ll discover simple steps you can take to lengthen your telomeres.
Believe it or not, one of the easiest ways is with an ordinary vitamin. And believe it or not, most people don’t get nearly enough of this vitamin … even if they’re taking a multi-vitamin every day.
Studies found that people with the highest blood levels of this vitamin had much longer telomeres. How much longer? The difference translated to five extra years of longevity. Imagine if the cells in your body lived 5 years longer just because you took a vitamin!
Well, that’s exactly what happens. You’ll get complete details in your free report.
You’ll also find out about an amino acid that is murder on telomeres. Aren’t amino acids good for you? Generally, yes. But this one shortens telomere length dramatically. Fortunately, there’s a way to cancel out this amino acid and turn your telomere enzyme back on. And you’ll find out about it in your free report.
Lastly, you’ll learn about an amazing breakthrough that may work better than all these other things combined. What is it? It’s a new twist on ozone therapy. But this is unlike any ozone therapy you may have heard of. It involves no doctor’s visits … no IVs … and no great expense. And it’s something you can even do at home. You’ll get complete instructions in your Special Report.
As you can see, the information in this report is priceless. But with your permission, I’d like to send it to you absolutely free. It’s my way of introducing you to my award-winning health bulletin, SECOND OPINION.
Every month in SECOND OPINION, I give you the low-down on the latest discoveries in health and wellness. I tell you what works and what’s a lot of baloney ... and I give you a clear plan of action to take for a long, healthy life.
Very often, the information in SECOND OPINION is information you won’t find anywhere else. You see, despite all the information out there today … despite
all the newsletters on alternative health … despite all the books and magazines... despite all the websites and e-zines and cable TV shows… many of the biggest health breakthroughs are still largely unknown.
Let me give you a great example. Years ago, corrupt bureaucrats banned the world’s most effective treatment for chronic disease. This treatment reverses arthritis, heart disease, macular degeneration, and more. Yet not one doctor out of a thousand knows about it. That’s because of…
The FDA Ban That Set Medicine
Back by 100 Years
Today, I’m going to tell you a true story. It’s the story of how the FDA banned the world’s most effective cure for chronic disease.
Why do I call it one of the world’s most effective treatments? Well… imagine if there was a treatment that repaired damaged bones, nerves, and tendons without surgery or injections. Imagine if that treatment could rejuvenate worn organs like your liver, your pancreas, and your adrenal glands.
Imagine if it could reverse degenerative conditions like heart disease, macular degeneration, and autoimmune diseases.
And imagine if you could use the treatment to get rid of chronic pain that’s been plaguing you for years or even decades … and to do so in as little as an hour.
Well, believe it or not, this treatment does all that and more. In fact, if you watch professional sports, you’ve already witnessed the power of this treatment!
The occasion was Super Bowl XXXIX, with the New England Patriots playing the Philadelphia Eagles.
Just weeks before the game, superstar wide receiver Terrell Owens suffered a devastating injury. The membrane holding together his tibia and fibula was ripped. His external stabilizing ligament was also torn.
And, to make matters worse, his fibula was fractured. An injury like this usually needs a healing time of three to four months. And even then, there is usually tremendous scarring, permanent pain, and permanent immobility.
Fortunately, Terrell saw an alternative doctor who gave him the treatment I’m going to tell you about. And the rest, as they say, is history. Just six weeks after the injury, Terrell Owens did what doctors said was impossible: He played in the Super Bowl possessing full range of motion and almost no pain.
But he didn’t just play in the Super Bowl — he had nine receptions for 122 yards! That’s an awesome game for anyone, let alone someone who had just suffered a career-threatening injury.
And Terrell Owens is not the only athlete who has had his career saved by this treatment. Another is pro golfer Bill Glassen.
Bill was in an airplane many years ago when it was hit by lightning. The strike sent massive amounts of electricity through his body. The results were devastating. He couldn’t focus mentally. The brain fog it caused was so bad he couldn’t even balance a checkbook. Needless to say, he wasn’t able to play professional golf anymore.
But his mental issues were only part of his problem. His entire body was constantly in pain.
He suffered through three surgeries for knee pain, all of which failed. The surgeons didn’t realize that the source of Bill’s pain was not his knees. His knees were fine. The source of his pain was the damage done to his brain and nervous system.
Like Terrell Owens, Bill went to an alternative doctor and received the treatment I’m going to tell you about. In just three days, his mental fog was gone and his pain was virtually eliminated. The results were so miraculous that he was able to return to the professional tour. He soon finished a tournament in fourth place out of 250 competitors.
So what is this amazing treatment, and how does it work? The treatment is called FSM, or frequency specific micro-current. During the procedure, tiny electrodes are attached to the injured area. These electrodes deliver a tiny, imperceptible electrical current (just millionths of an amp).
This current is at the same frequency as what the body’s cells normally produce. So it causes those cells to resonate.
Remember the movies where an opera singer hits a specific note and shatters a crystal glass? That occurs because all substances have a specific frequency at which they resonate. The singer hits the frequency that causes the glass to resonate, and because glass is brittle, the resonating causes it to shatter.
Well, all objects resonate at certain frequencies. Most are not as brittle as glass, so they don’t shatter. But they still resonate.
The cells of the body are no exception. When they are stimulated at the correct frequency, they resonate. This increases cellular activity, which in turn increases the energy produced by the cells. In fact, one study found that cells increase their production of ATP (the energy molecule) by a whopping 500%! That’s five times the energy!
But that’s not all. Research shows that FSM increases the rate of protein synthesis by 70%. In other words, it helps re-build damaged tissue. Let me say that again. FSM helps re-build the parts of your body, whether it’s tendons, ligaments, or organs.
While it sounds like a 21st century therapy, FSM has its roots in the early 1900s. Back then, pioneers like Royal Rife had great success using frequency machines to treat all kinds of illnesses, big and small. By the 1920s, hundreds of doctors were using frequency machines in their practices … and getting excellent results for their patients.
Then in 1934, Morris Fishbein, the president of the American Medical Association, stepped in. He offered to buy the exclusive rights to the technology from Royal Rife.  When Rife refused, Fishbein drove him out of business.
At the time, the AMA had complete power to revoke medical licenses. As a result, many doctors caved in to Fishbein’s demands. Usage of the machines declined and companies stopped manufacturing them. Finally, the FDA came in and removed any remaining machines from the market.
The machines — and their operating manuals — were destroyed. It looked as though this medical breakthrough would be lost forever. Then, one day in the 1950s, a doctor named Harry Van Gelder bought a practice in Vancouver, British Columbia. As Harry went through the office, he found an old-time frequency machine from the 1920s — plus a notebook that listed the frequencies used to treat various conditions!
For the next three decades, these frequencies were circulated among various  “underground” doctors. The doctors kept a low profile as they experimented with the frequencies and made improvements.
Then, in 1987, the frequencies came to the attention of a chiropractor named Carolyn McMakin. And that’s when this treatment really began to take off.
Dr. McMakin got some folks in the electronics business to build her a machine. She started using the machine on herself, and then on volunteers. Once it became obvious that these frequencies could do no harm, she began using them on her chiropractic patients.
The results were immediate and dramatic. The frequencies did exactly what they were supposed to do. The frequency listed as “decreasing inflammation” reduced inflammation. The frequency listed as “reducing scar tissue” reduced scar tissue.
The frequency listed as “stopping bleeding” stopped bleeding. And so on.
After treating patients and observing the effects for over a year, Dr. McMakin started sharing the technique with other doctors to see if the effects were reproducible. She wanted to make sure that the effects were real, and not the result of the placebo effect or some other effect that was unique to her clinic. By mid 1997, it was apparent that the other doctors using FSM were achieving the same results.
Meanwhile, Dr. McMakin continued to expand her list of frequencies. In 1998, she found the right combination of frequencies to treat sciatica. And in 1999, she found the frequencies for treating fibromyalgia. Dr. McMakin published the results of her findings, and more doctors came to her clinic to be trained in the technique. Today, Dr. McMakin’s network of doctors has expanded to hundreds of doctors.
Here are some case histories of some of the ailments that FSM treats:
Macular Degeneration
A dear relative of mine has had macular degeneration since 1985. When he was first diagnosed, he came to see me, and I did what I usually did. I put him on a nutritional “cocktail” consisting of lutein, taurine, and several other antioxidants.
This nutritional cocktail did a great job of slowing down the decline. In fact, my relative’s vision stayed well enough that a full twelve years later, he was still able to drive.
But as great as this nutritional cocktail was, it didn’t cure his macular degeneration; it only slowed it down. By 2005, my relative’s vision had gotten much worse and he had to give up driving. Even worse, he could no longer read his favorite books or his morning paper. And worst of all, he found it hard to make out the faces of friends and loved ones unless they were right in front of him.
Fortunately, I had a new weapon in my arsenal — FSM. My relative sat down for a treatment, and what happened next was nothing short of astonishing. After just one 20-minute treatment, my relative was able to read three additional lines on the eye chart! Yes, three additional lines. His vision was literally restored to what it had been years ago!
Heart Disease
Jim was a 55-year-old who was in such bad shape that he couldn’t make it more than 20 seconds on a treadmill. His EKG showed ischemia, which is oxygen starvation to the heart. This is a sure sign of an impending heart attack.
Jim’s cardiologist wanted to hustle him off to surgery. But Jim chose FSM instead. The result? In just a few months, he could do 22 minutes on the treadmill with no discernable ischemia!
Dr. McMakin treated 49 different patients who had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Result: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most painful, the average amount of pain was reduced from 7.3 to 1.3 — on the first treatment! And with subsequent treatments, 31 of the 49 patients recovered completely. Their pain was completely gone, and it was gone forever.
Dr. McMakin told me she has a 100% success rate in eliminating pain from shingles. And she has a 100% success rate in correcting hyperthyroidism, pain from kidney stones, and carpal tunnel syndrome if they’re caught early.
There have also been reports of doctors successfully treating diabetes, breathing problems, and neurological problems.
It seems like the sky’s the limit for FSM. The main limitation is in discovering the real problem with each patient. Sometimes it’s difficult to get to the root cause of the problem (as we saw with the case of golfer Bill Glassen). That’s where the training of the practitioner is so crucial.
There’s so much more I want to tell you about FSM, but I don’t have room here. That’s why I’d like to send you another Special Report called “Beat Almost Any Chronic Disease by Using the New Science of Cell Repair.” The report gives you all the details on FSM, including a complete list of doctors who offer it in the U.S. and Canada.
There are a lot of people on the internet claiming they use healing frequencies, but my experience is that most other machines being used today are far inferior to the FSM technology. Even worse, some people on the web are just hucksters trying to sell bogus “Rife machines” that are nothing more than a bunch of wires hooked together.
To get the type of results I’ve talked about in this article, you’ll want to go to a health professional who’s been trained and certified in FSM. You’ll get a complete list of these professionals in your report.
FSM is just one of many proven therapies I can tell you about that are virtually unknown. Here’s another little-known therapy, one that has been proven to…
Cure Arthritis Permanently!
If you suffer from arthritis or joint injuries, then here’s amazing news. You don’t have to suffer any longer … you don’t have to take drugs … and you don’t have to take glucosamine, SAM-e,  or other expensive supplements.
That’s because there’s a new breakthrough that re-builds worn-out cartilage, ligaments, and even tendons. And the cure is permanent.
A good example is my patient Mary S, who had severe arthritis of the knee. Mary hobbled into my office using a walker. Her X-rays showed absolutely no joint space. In other words, her cartilage was completely gone and her bones were grinding against each other.
To further complicate things, Mary is about 100 pounds overweight. That’s a serious risk for anyone’s knees, no less someone with severe arthritis.
I gave Mary a series of treatments, and today she feels like a different person. Her pain is significantly reduced. She walks without the walker. She has avoided knee replacement surgery, and she has her big smile back. And this relief came without even a pound of weight loss!
Another example is Mary T., age 74. Mary loved to ride horses. But the degeneration in her knees caused so much pain that she couldn’t ride anymore. Her doctor recommended knee replacement surgery. But Mary came to me instead. After only three sessions, she was riding her horse again!
Then there’s Patrick. He has degenerating hips. Surgeons recommended hip replacement surgery. So far, I’ve given Patrick three treatments. He rates his pain dropping from a 10 down to a 2.
So what is this amazing treatment? It’s called Prolozone® , and it’s a combination of two therapies that speed up your body’s own healing mechanisms. Those two therapies are prolotherapy and ozone therapy. If you’re well-read, you may have heard about prolotherapy. In prolotherapy, a doctor injects a special solution into the injured joint. This causes an inflammation, which triggers a healing response.
Almost immediately, your body’s own healing fluids converge on the affected area. Macrophage cells clear the area of waste and damaged tissue. Then fibroblast cells make their way to the area and start making new collagen. Finally, cells called chondrocytes come in and lay down new cartilage over the collagen. When all is said and done, your body has grown itself a new set of joints!
Several studies prove that prolotherapy works. There’s also a great deal of anecdotal evidence from doctors who’ve used it, including former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop. I’ve been using prolotherapy in my practice for over 19 years and I can testify that it does work. But as good as it is, it does have its drawbacks.
First of all, it often requires many treatments. Second, the treatments can be very painful. Most people are just not willing to go through all the time and pain to get results.
The good news is that you no longer have to. As I mentioned a moment ago, there is a new method called prolozone that combines prolotherapy with ozone. The results of this combination are miraculous. Patients heal in a small fraction of the time — and without pain!
Here’s how it works: First, we inject a solution containing the anesthetic procaine, along with some vitamin B12 and folic acid. The procaine brings immediate pain relief, while the vitamins stimulate the DNA of healing cells to get in action for a longer-term fix. Then, while the syringe is still in place, we inject a small amount of oxygen mixed with medical ozone.
Ozone is an active form of oxygen that contains three atoms instead of two. As you may know, oxygen atoms like to travel in pairs. Since ozone contains a third oxygen atom, it wants to give that extra atom away. Which means that whenever ozone comes into contact with a cell, it gives up the extra oxygen atom, and the cell takes it in.
As a cell takes in more oxygen, it’s able to produce more energy and work more efficiently. That means that all the cells that create new collagen and cartilage are able to work better and faster, re-building your joints at lightning speed. That’s how Patrick was able to avoid hip replacement. It’s how Mary S. was able to throw away her walker. It’s how Mary T. was able to start riding horses again.
And these folks are not alone. Prolozone has now helped thousands of patients. And it can help you, too. You’ll get complete details in your free report, How to Cure Arthritis and Joint Injuries.
The report gives you all the details on prolozone, including where to find a doctor near you who does the procedure.
Want to know more? Then stick around. I’m going to tell you how to get a copy of this report absolutely FREE. But first, let me tell you about another healing breakthrough you need to know about…
Free Gift #4
How to Use Your Body’s Own
Stem Cells to Reverse Old Age
and Heal Disease
One of the biggest stories of our time is the story of stem cell technology. Researchers around the world are racing to see if stem cells can be used to cure disease and even to re-grow damaged body parts.
As you may know, stem cells are primitive “parent cells” that can morph into any type of cell. It’s through stem cells that a single fertilized egg grows into an entire human being.
This fact has fascinated scientists for years. For years, the scientists have been trying to find ways to use stem cells to regenerate organs and other body parts.
And lately, they’ve been succeeding. At the University of Pittsburgh, researchers were able to re-grow a soldier’s missing finger. At the University of Minnesota, they were able to grow an entire rat heart from scratch. And at Wake Forrest University, they have successfully made 18 different types of body tissues.
Of course, this raises all kinds of moral and ethical questions — everything from where the stem cells come from to whether it’s even OK for scientists to “play God.”
There are practical and financial considerations, too. The practical consideration is that if there’s not a good tissue match, your body will reject it. The financial consideration is that a single stem-cell treatment can cost up to $35,000 or more.
Well, here’s good news. It is now possible to harvest your own body’s stem cells, and to use those cells to fix all types of health problems. Since the cells are coming from your own body, there is no tissue rejection and there are no moral issues. In addition, the cost is reasonable, the whole procedure is done at a doctor’s office, and it only takes a couple of hours.
The main downside is that it can be painful. But I’ve had it done myself and the pain wasn’t too bad. (You should know that I always try these therapies on myself before recommending them to my readers. This includes the FSM, prolozone, and stem cell procedures I’m recommending here.)
No, you won’t be able to use this stem cell procedure to re-grow a missing limb or repair a severed spinal cord. But you will be able to fix a lot of other health problems. I’ve seen this procedure heal people with arthritis, diabetes, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy, macular degeneration, kidney failure, COPD, and more.
If you have any of these ailments or know someone who does, you owe it to yourself to find out more. Complete details are in your special report,How to Use Your Body’s Own Stem Cells to Reverse Old Age and Heal Disease. And the report is FREE with your trial subscription to SECOND OPINION.
Every month in SECOND OPINION, you’ll find out about the latest breakthroughs in health and healing. You’ll get advice — in plain English — on how to look better, feel better, and stay out of the doctor’s office. Plus, you’ll find proven remedies for everything from minor health irritations to serious diseases.
In the past few years, there’s been an absolute explosion of new information on these illnesses.
And every day there are new studies, new findings, new and better health solutions. That’s why it’s so important to keep up with these breakthroughs ... and why I bring them to you every month.
You see, I want you to have this information now — not ten years from now when the medical establishment finally catches up!
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Kill Any Infection In Hours—
Even Cold, Flu and Super Bugs!
There’s no cure for a cold or flu, right? Wrong. My patients usually get rid of their cold and flu symptoms in just hours.
Let me tell you about Andrew L., who came into my office just the other day. Andrew had a terrible case of the flu, with every nasty symptom you can have. He had fatigue, a runny nose, and a sore throat so bad that he told me it felt like someone had rubbed sandpaper on it. He also told me his body was so achy that the very act of lying in bed was painful.
After examining Andrew, I gave him a simple treatment called UBI therapy. Just ten minutes later, he got up from the table with an amazed look on his face. His head was clear, the fog was lifting from his brain, and he just felt dramatically better.
I sent him on his way and told him to give us a follow-up call and let me know how he was doing. The next day, he called to tell me he felt so much better that he was shoveling construction debris at his house! He couldn’t believe it!
Here’s a treatment that totally eradicated Andrew’s flu in a matter of hours. Yet if you ask most doctors, they’ll tell you this is impossible. They’ll tell you the only way to treat a virus is to let it run its course. Was this successful treatment some sort of coincidence or fluke?
UBI therapy has been tested and proven in prestigious research centers such as Yale University.
And I personally have healed hundreds of people with UBI therapy ... for dozens of different infections. It’s worked for influenza … pneumonia ... hepatitis ...strep ... staph ... blood poisoning ... food poisoning ...tetanus ... rabies ... snake bites ... toxic mold … and more.
And the evidence suggests that it would be just as effective for Ebola, hantavirus, bird flu, anthrax poisoning, and other “Super Bugs.” Not to mention all those antibiotic-resistant bacteria that people catch at the hospital.
Look: the chances that you or a loved one will contract a deadly super bug are hopefully pretty small. But wouldn’t it be good to have the name and number of the nearest doctor who performs UBI, just in case you ever needed it? And wouldn’t it be great to have another healing option the next time you have a case of the flu, strep or pneumonia? Of course it would.
That’s why I wrote a Special Report called Kill any Infection in Hours — Even Cold, Flu, and Super Bugs. The report tells you everything you need to know about UBI therapy, and includes a list of every doctor in the country who performs it. And it’s yours free.
You’ll also get …
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New Breakthroughs for
Preventing and Surviving Cancer
For most of us, there’s nothing scarier than the thought of getting cancer. Over 500,000 Americans die of this cruel disease every year, and very often they die long, drawn-out, painful deaths.
And the worst part is that there’s no cure. Most alternative remedies for cancer are pathetically inadequate. Sure, they boost your body’s immunity. But when you have advanced cancer, these remedies are too little, too late. And chemotherapy is even worse.
Sure, it kills cancer cells. But it also kills healthy ones. It ravages your body and wipes out your immune system, making it nearly impossible for you to recover.
But what if there was a way to get all the cancer killing power of chemotherapy without harming healthy cells? What if there was a way to harness this power and get chemo to work the way we want it to …and to boost your immune system at the same time?
Well, brace yourself, because in this free special report you’re going to learn how to do just that!
First, you’re going to find out about a startling breakthrough that makes chemotherapy drugs target cancer cells only. That’s right. When a doctor uses this treatment, the chemotherapy drugs go straight to the tumor and bypass the healthy cells!
Second, you’re going to find out about all the natural remedies I use to boost the immunity of my cancer patients and bring their bodies back to health.
Third, you’re going to find out about the handful of natural cancer-killing remedies that really do kill cancer cells. As I mentioned before, most natural remedies do very little. But these really do work, and when used in conjunction with natural immune boosters and targeted chemo, get exceptional results.
I’ve seen dozens of long-term remissions, even among patients who were written off as “terminal.” So if you know someone with cancer, I strongly urge you to send away for this free report.
Free Gift #7
Can This $2 Nutrient Possibly
Cure Alzheimer’s Disease?
Alzheimer’s Disease is one of the most frightening conditions in the world. Not only does it destroy people’s mental abilities… but it robs them of their dignity and their very personality.
Ask any doctor and they will tell you that there is no way to reverse the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease. They will tell you the best you can hope for is to slow it down.
But all that’s about to change. That’s because researchers at the University of California believe they may have found a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.
Here’s the remarkable story:
Researchers at the University of California recently took a group of mice and genetically engineered them to get Alzheimer’s. Then they gave half the mice a $2 nutrient that’s been used safely for decades. They gave the other half a placebo. Then they performed short-term and long-term memory tests on the mice.
The results were nothing short of amazing. The mice that received the $2 nutrient performed as well in the memory tests as normal mice. The $2 nutrient not only protected their brains from memory loss, but it actually restored lost memory!
In the words of the lead researcher: “Cognitively, they were cured. It’s as if they’d never developed the disease.”
How is this possible? The answer is that Alzheimer’s disease breaks down the microtubules or “highways” in your brain that help conduct information between neurons. But this $2 nutrient stops that from happening. When scientists examined the brains of the mice receiving this nutrient, they discovered they had wider, more stable highways than the mice who received the placebo.
But that’s not all. Alzheimer’s disease also causes a build-up of dangerous “tau” proteins in your brain. Tau proteins stop nerves from functioning and eventually kill them. But this $2 nutrient prevents tau proteins from forming. In fact, when researchers examined the brains of the mice receiving this $2 nutrient, they couldn’t find any tau proteins! Researchers called the results, “absolutely dramatic.”
In fact, the results were so dramatic that the researchers are already conducting new studies on humans. Will humans respond to the remedy as well as mice did? No one knows. But when you consider that Alzheimer’s disease in humans is virtually identical to the disease in the experimental mice, this $2 nutrient could be the Alzheimer’s breakthrough of all time!
The results of the human studies may not be published for another year or more. And if you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s, you can’t afford to wait that long. The good news is that you don’t have to wait. That’s because this $2 nutrient is readily available, and it has a long history of safety. You’ll get complete details, including the corresponding human dose, in your free report The $2 Alzheimer’s Cure.
You’ll also get …
Free Gift #8
New Breakthroughs in the
Treatment of Osteoporosis
Did you know that 9 out of 10 of post-menopausal women have some degree of osteoporosis? Or that if you’re a woman over 60, your chance of having a hip fracture is equal to your risk of breast, uterine, and ovarian cancer combined? It’s true!
Well here’s something else you should know:
Thanks to new scientific breakthroughs, you can not only prevent osteoporosis, but you can actually reverse it! And you’ll learn how in this Special Report.
This report goes beyond the tired advice to take calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D. Instead, it tells you about an amazing new discovery that stops your body from breaking down bone. It also tells you about a safe, natural method that creates tiny electrical charges throughout your bones, creating new bone growth.
Lastly, you’ll learn about an amazing bone building discovery that was made on the Mir space station! Astronauts in zero gravity lose bone 5 times faster than women on earth do … and this new discovery enabled the astronauts to reverse bone loss in just weeks! Find out all about it in Free Report #8.
Free Gift #9
The Deep-Sea Cure for
Weight Problems and Diabetes
If you’re having trouble losing weight or keeping it off, then I have amazing news for you. Researchers at the University of Washington have discovered that the extract of a rare sea plant can help you lose weight and lower blood sugar.
In one study, people who took the extract were able to lose 4 pounds of fat in just 2 weeks. Even more amazing, the people taking the extract gained muscle mass — without doing any exercise.
But that’s not all. Studies show that it reduces fat accumulation in the pancreas, lowers blood sugar, and prevents diabetic complications in the eyes, nerves, and kidneys. You’ll get complete details in Free Report #9.
Free Gift #10
End All Prostate Problems,
Including Cancer
Painful urination … multiple nighttime trips to the bathroom … erection difficulties. It’s truly a humbling way to live.
Fortunately, there are natural solutions to prostate problems. And you’ll get them all here. You’ll get the complete low-down on saw palmetto, pygeum, and other remedies. You’ll also find out about the single best thing you can take to prevent prostate cancer (not lycopene but something even more amazing).
And if you already have prostate cancer, I’ll tell you about a remarkably effective treatment that works far better than surgery, radiation, or hormone therapy. This treatment not only destroys cancer tumors, but helps keep them from coming back!
Complete details are in your free report.
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How to Make Your Supplements and
Remedies Work up to 5 Times Better
If you’re like most health conscious Americans over 40, you’re probably taking one or more nutritional supplements. And if you’re like many, you may be a tad disappointed at the results you’re getting.
If that describes you, then you’ll love this report. It reveals the “missing link” that prevents most people from getting the results they should … and tells you 3 simple things you can do to make any herbal remedy or nutritional supplement work up to 500% better!
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Say Good-bye to Heartburn,
Bloating, and Abdominal Pain
I hear it all the time from my patients: “I just can’t eat spicy foods like I used to.” “My stomach is so bloated I look like I’m pregnant.” “I used to love ice cream after dinner, but it doesn’t love me anymore.”
If complaints like these sound familiar, you’re not alone. Antacids, heartburn drugs, and anti-gas preparations are among the top-selling medications in the world.
Unfortunately, these remedies only provide temporary relief. What’s more, using them for extended periods of time can actually make your digestion problems worse!
In this Special Report, I show you how to get rid of digestive difficulties forever! You’ll find safe, permanent cures for heartburn … indigestion … gas … bloating … diarrhea … constipation … and even Irritable Bowel Syndrome! These cures work no matter how long you’ve been suffering … how frequent your attacks … and how severe your pain.
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So powerful, all you need is a single drop.
■ The salad ingredient that’s an E-coli breeding ground. Washing with water doesn’t help… but this will.
■ High blood sugar? The culprit could be the electrical appliances in your home! Shocking results of new study. Plus… a simple solution.
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■ What to do if you cut yourself and you don’t have an antiseptic nearby. This simple trick helps heal cuts in only 16 hours.
■ Easy way to detox — without expensive supplements, unpleasant enemas, or time consuming saunas. The solution is right in the produce section of your supermarket.
■ How sleazy manufacturers hide MSG in your food without you knowing it — even if the label says it’s all-natural or organic! Plus the easy way to be sure all your food is really MSG free.
■ More beneficial omega fatty acids than walnuts, flax seeds, or hemp. Just two ounces of this food contains as much omega-3s as a whopping 1¾ pounds of salmon!
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Любая патология в организме вызывает нарушение электромагнитного гомеостаза (ЭМГ), которое представлено в характеристиках электромагнитного поля (ЭМП), окружающего живой организм.

Восстановление ЭМГ осуществляется самим организмом, его информационно-поисковой деятельностью,направленной на выбор оптимальных электромагнитных сигналов из внешней среды.

При ИВТ с помощью Комплекса спектральной коррекции «СОНАР» организму предлагается, специальным образом организованный набор электромагнитных излучений в широком спектре частот, адекватных

собственному излучению клеток, органов и систем организма.

ИВТ - единственная на сегодняшний день медицинская технология взаимодействия с организмом, направленная на совершенствование самоорганизации, оптимизацию функций, адапто - и саногенез.

Это главное и коренное отличие ИВТ от всех иных средств и подходов, применяемых современной "медициной действия" на организм.

Особенностями медико-биологических эффектов ИВТ являются: лечение практически всех известных заболеваний, повышение исходного уровня здоровья, уменьшение биологического

возраста, повышение выносливости, сопротивляемости и адаптивности, поскольку ИВТ оптимизирует и ускоряет протекание саногенных процессов в организме.

ИВТ является бесконтактной экологически чистой медицинской технологией, характеризуется универсальностью лечения, профилактики, реабилитации и рекреации, отличается полной безвредностью и высокой эффективностью, позволяет осуществлять большинство программ в режиме монометода, лечить до 80% больных амбулаторно, сокращает сроки лечения, профилактики и реабилитации как минимум вдвое.

Информационно-волновая терапия используется с целью:

повышения резистентности организма к различным заболеваниям;

- профилактики и снятия хронической усталости;

- поднятия трудоспособности;

- усиления потенции;

- скорой помощи для снятия сердечных приступов;

- снятия боли разного происхождения;

- профилактики остеохондроза, радикулитов, невритов;

- восстановления иммунитета;

- профилактики развития атеросклероза и онкозаболеваний путем активации

антиоксидантной    системы;

- ликвидации негативных последствий радиационного воздействия

вследствие аварии на Чернобыльской АЭС;

- продолжения длительности жизни, улучшения ее качества;

- омоложения организма;

- лечения хронических заболеваний различной этиологии.

A list of high protein rich foods and their nutritional content. All protein foods that are high in protein are listed with how much protein they contain.
Use the search above to find out how much protein, carbohydrates, calories and fat are in your favourite foods.

Food (Per 100g)ProteinCarbsFatCalories
Almond Nuts21.1g6.9g55.8g2541kJ (614kcal)
Anchovies14.5g0.1g2.8g355kJ (85kcal)
Asparagus2.9g2.0g0.6g106kJ (25kcal)
Avocado1.9g1.9g19.5g790kJ (195kcal)
Bacon15.9g19.8g1005kJ (245kcal)
Baked Beans9.5g22.1g0.4g130kcal
Bananas1.2g23.2g0.3g426kJ (100kcal)
Beef Fillet Steak20.9g0g7.9g648kJ (155kcal)
Bread (wholemeal)11.0g39.1g2.2g935kJ (220kcal)
Broccoli4.2g3.2g0.2g133kJ (31kcal)
Carrots0.6g7.9g0.3g156kJ (37kcal)
Cheese30.9g0.1g15.0g1085kJ (260kcal)
Chicken Breast (Skinless)23.5g0g1.7g462kJ (109kcal)
Cod fish17.9g0g0.9g340kJ (80kcal)
Cottage Cheese12.2g4.5g1.5g340kJ (80kcal)
Couscous15.1g73.1g1.1g1545kJ (365kcal)
Crab meat18.1gtrace0.5g330kJ (80kcal)
eggs12.5gTrace3.2g627kJ (151kcal)
Goji Berries12.3g57.7g0.3g1205kJ (285kcal)
Haddock Fish16.4g0g1.2g325kJ (80kcal)
Hummus7.4g9.8g26.8g1285kJ (310kcal)
Lamb (Steak)19.9g0.8g3.2g475kJ (115kcal)
Milk (Semi Skimmed)3.6g4.8g1.8g209kJ (50kcal)
Milk (Whole)3.3g4.7g3.6g268kJ (64kcal)
Orange1.1g8.5g0.1g167kJ (39kcal)
Orange Roughy Fish22.64g0g0.034g105
Pasta12.5g73.0g1.4g1505kJ (355kcal)
Peanut Butter (Crunchy)24.9g10.1g50.2g2452kJ
Peas5.9g9.0g0.9g290kJ (70kcal)
Pizza (Pepperoni)11.4g28.0g11.1g1085kJ (260kcal)
Pork Chops19.3g20.3g1080kJ (260kcal)
Porridge oats11.0g60g8.0g1500 kJ/ (356 kcal)
Potatoes2.1g17.2g0.2g335kJ (80kcal)
Prawns17.0g0.3g0.9g330kJ (80kcal)
Pumpkin Seeds28.8g15.2g45.6g2435kJ/586kcal
Rice (brown)6.9g74.0g2.8g1480kJ (350kcal)
Salmon Fish Fillets (Boneless)21.6g0g14.0g885kJ (215kcal)
Sardines (Fish)21.5gtrace9.6g721kJ (172kcal)
Sausages (pork)13.9g11.9g17.0g1069kJ
soya beans35.9g14.8g18.6g1555kJ (375kcal)
Spaghetti5.1g33.0g1.3g700kJ (165kcal)
Spinach2.8g1.5g0.8g103kJ (24kcal)
Sunflower Seeds23.4g18.6g47.5g2475kJ (600kcal)
Tilapia Fish24g04g105
Tuna Fish (Steak)25.6g0g0.5g455kJ (110kcal)
Tuna Fish (Tinned)26.3g0.0g10.7g843kJ / 202kcal
Turkey Breast (Skinless)22.3g0g1.2g425kJ (100kcal)
Venison (Deer meat)30.213.19158
Yogurt4.5g6.6g11.0g600kJ (145kcal)

Asthma treatment  eggshell of boiled egg plus lemon 1 tsp after reaction take, do not eat 1 hour.

Replenish This Hormone to Protect Your Bones
When you think of maintaining your health, you naturally think of warding off heart disease… diabetes… cancer. But your bones need to be at the top of the list.
The good news… your body already produces a hormone which can prevent and heal bone damage. If you have enough of it.
Studies testing the hormone on both animals and humans show positive results…
University of Buffalo researchers found that the hormone increased amounts of several proteins responsible for bone formation in mice.
Another study out of Spain tested the hormone on rabbits. It completely repaired bone defects in just four weeks. Even better, the newly formed bone had increased density.
Women who took a supplement of the hormone also had increased bone formation. Even better… they had a decrease in bone resorption—a process where bone is broken down. Too much resorption causes osteoporosis. 
And although you’ve heard of this hormone, you never would have thought it has anything to do with bone health.  So what is it?
The “light of day.” Better known as melatonin.
Melatonin is the hormone normally responsible for controlling your sleep and wake pattern. Your pineal gland naturally produces it. But with age, levels decrease. So sometimes you need a supplement to get your levels back to normal. That much you probably already knew. But not this new twist…
Another way to up your bone protection… add some extra virgin olive oil to your diet. Research found that men who added olive oil to their diet had higher calcium levels and stronger bones. Use organically-grown, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil when possible. It’s the least processed. Try it as a sauté or sprinkle it over a bed of rice, pasta, garden salad or veggies.
Normal melatonin levels are vital in protecting your bones. When your body has enough melatonin it signals cells to produce and mineralize bone matrix proteins. And bone matrix proteins lead to bone formation and increased density.  
Your bones are the support system of your body. But they’re not hard, lifeless structures. They are living, growing tissues. And as you get older, bone density decreases. That puts you at an increased risk for fractures or developing osteoporosis.
The best way to keep your melatonin levels steady is by getting enough sleep. But that isn’t always that easy…  
So, to naturally boost your melatonin levels, eliminate all artificial light from the bedroom when it’s time for bed. Melatonin production is increased by the dark. Even the light from an alarm clock can halt melatonin production. It helps to go to sleep and wake up at the same time too.
There are also several foods that contain melatonin and will help your body balance its levels naturally. Bananas, tart cherries, ginger, tomatoes, radishes, and red wine are good sources.
If you’re still having trouble getting your levels to normal you can take a melatonin supplement. Just make sure to take it at night to prevent feeling drowsy in the morning.
People associate getting older with frail, brittle bones. That doesn’t have to be the case. A little melatonin and you can sleep your way to healthy bones.
Editor’s Note: In the May issue of INH’s Natural Health Dossier, we revealed how getting enough sleep affects everything about you—from your performance and mood to your looks and health. Plus 6 simple steps you can use starting tonight to find out if you’re getting enough sleep. And if not, our specific plan to get you back on track…and maybe even help you burn 54% more fat at the same time. To access this issue and our entire archives, join Natural Health Dossier today. It just takes a few minutes.
If you’re a man over 40, symptoms of this disease are no joke.
You quickly pack on fat…lose muscle strength…always feel tired and lazy…become cranky, unmotivated, even depressed…and have no desire for sex.
Anti-aging scientists say they know what causes these symptoms. And if you don’t tackle it in time, they warn it’ll steal your manhood…permanently!
We’ve prepared an urgent bulletin that explains how to stop these symptoms of male aging dead in their tracks. Go here now to learn how to take back your manhood.

Что такое информационно-волновая терапия?

Всё неживое и живое на земле находится в состоянии колебания, разница только в количестве колебаний, то есть – частоте. В организмах живых существ клетки точно знают свой график работы (частота колебаний в конкретной клетке записана в её ДНК). Это похоже на    радиоприемник: на одной частоте - «ХИТ FM», а на другой -  «Русское радио»...  Сбои частот происходят при различных повреждениях – физических, химических, биологических (нарушение экологии) или психологических, вызванных прежде всего стрессами. Помочь человеку в такой ситуации под силу  методу информационно-волновой терапии (ИВТ).
ИВТ - это новая ступенька в развитии медицины, основанной на передовых знаниях в области самой медицины и достижениях космического приборостроения. Ее эффектность научно подтверждена клиническими исследованиями, проведенными в России, Украине, Германии и других странах. Лечение осуществляется аппаратами «ИВТ-ПОРОГ-КОЛБУН», которые точно повторяют сигналы всего спектра частот здорового организма и настраивают больные клетки на здоровый лад, помогают им восстановить работу по «нормальному графику».

Какие заболевания можно лечить методом ИВТ?

ИВТ применяется для профилактики и лечения более 100 заболеваний у взрослых и детей. Это, например,  аденоиды, тонзиллит и  аллергический ринит; отит и шум в ушах; астма и обструктивный бронхит; ДТЗ, АИТ и узловой зоб; ВСД, ИБС и гипертония; эрозии, язвы  желудка и ДПК; холецистит и ДСО (ПХЭС); дисбактериоз и панкреатит; нарушение ОМ цикла, аднексит и простатит; артроз, артрит и остеохондроз…  ИВТ успешно справляется с этими и многими другими недугами при наличии у организма необходимого резерва.   

Что происходит с организмом в целом? Можно ли считать лечение методом ИВТ  комплексным?

Характерная особенность ИВТ - в ее многоплановости благодаря универсальности спектра применяемых частот. В портативном, но удивительном по своим возможностям аппарате заключен весь диапазон частот тканей и органов здорового организма человека, а, значит, в ходе лечения достигается  нормальное функционирование всего организма. Особая актуальность метода – в восстановлении иммунитета, что позволяет избежать изматывающих вирусных инфекций даже в самое опасное время.
биологические эффекты  ИВТ не связаны ни с нагревом, ни с радиационным разрушением тканей.  Метод безопасен и практически не имеет противопоказаний, исключает болезненность и возможность инфицирования (лечение бесконтактно).

                                 Asian health secrets for your heart

BНИМАНИЕ, это касается и России!!! 
В Лос-Анджелесе раскрыт фармакологический картель, ответственный за создание и распространение пандемического вируса “свиного гриппа” H1N1, 
а также вакцин против него. 
Н1N1 был создан в микробиологической лаборатории 
Фильм на англ. яз. 
Лос-Анджелес, Калифорния - расследование ведущих специалистов, занимающихся раскрытием фактов нелегальной фармако-индустрии, опубликованы сенсационные документы, обличающие международный фармакологический картель, действующий в Нью-Йорке, который стоит за распространением эпидемии вируса “свиного гриппа”, H1N1, а также подготовкой и распространением вакцины против него. 
Ведущий американский эксперт по продуктам здравоохранения, доктор Леонард Горовиц, и журналистка Шерри Кейн, ведущая расследование, опубликовали шокирующие официальные документы, свидетельствующие о том, что владельцы частного глобального биотехнологического “траста” стоят за всем, что вы когда-либо слышали о пандемическом вирусе гриппа, включая его возникновение, и так назвыаемую профилактику путём вакцинации. Эти документы, переданные сегодня юристами в ФБР, являются обличающим свидетельством того, как наделённые властью промышленники, действовавшие в рамках “Нью-Йоркского Партнёрства” стоят за созданием пандемии, распространением паники и дезинформации через СМИ, подготовку и официальную рекламную кампанию вакцинации, которая ведётся сейчас практически повсеместно, от супермаркетов до поликлиник. 
“Траст еврея, Дэвида Рокфеллера, в котором участвует ряд крупных партнёров – подельников с Уолл-Стрит, включая таких медиамагнатов как евреи, Руперт Мердок, Мортон Цукерман, Томас Глоусер, а также бывший глава совета директоров Федерального Резервного Банка Нью Йорка, Джерри Спрейер обвиняются в подготовке спланированного глобального геноцида.” (Обратите внимание: все – ЕВРЕИ! Прим. Video78) 
– сообщил доктор Горовиц начальству ФБР через команду юристов, собранную, чтобы остановить принудительную вакцинацию населения. 
“Этот траст контролирует глобальные биотехнологические исследования и разработки. Коммерческое здравоохранение также практически полностью управляется этим трастом, включая почти полную подвластность ему основных СМИ, используемых для пропаганды и рекламы продукции и услуг этого преступного картеля. Также этот траст оказывает влияние на регулирование рынка фармацевтических и природных препаратов, в основном используя силы медиа-концернов для формирования общественного мнения и маркетинга.” – также говорит доктор Горовиц. 
Среди наиболее сенсационных откровений в ходе расследования Горовицем и Кейн, являются улики, доказывающие причастность главы Silverstein Properties Inc. 

Ларри Сильверстайна к организации террористической атаки 9-11, а также к геополитической и экономической деятельности фармако-картеля с целью уменьшения численности населения. Ларри Сильверстайн, бывший арендатор Мирового Торгового Центра (WTC) в Нью Йорке, давший согласие на детонацию двух его зданий, является главным подозреваемым в ходе ведущегося расследования “9-11 Truth”. 
Сильверстайн в настоящий момент является совладельцем и арендатором помещений для биотехнологического траста, основанного Девидом Рокфеллером. 
“Если этим людям сошло с рук убийство более трёх тысяч человек за 8 секунд, произошедшее девятого сентября 2001-го, то они вполне способны пойти на уничтожение миллионов и даже миллиардов людей во всём мире посредством комплексной пандемии свиного гриппа.” – комментирует свои свидетельства доктор Горовиц. “Я молюсь, чтобы раскрытые мною доказательства смогли спасти миллионы жизней и помогли активистам воззвать к президенту Бараку Обаме, требуя законного расследования этих преступлений против человечества.” 
“Когда я последний раз связывался с ФБР, то предупреждал о грядущих вспышках сибирской язвы за неделю до того, как о первых случаях было объявлено в прессе.” – говорит доктор Горовиц. “Им потребовалось 6 месяцев, чтобы отреагировать. На этот раз я предупреждаю Отдел правосудия за месяц до начала самого смертоносного геноцида за всю историю. Я молюсь, чтобы они приняли мои сведения к рассмотрению и назначили полноценное расследование, а также добились постановления суда о прекращении массовой вакцинации против свиного гриппа.” 
Учитывая беспрецедентную природу и важность этих сведений, доктор Горовиц дал официальные письменные показания под присягой (ознакомиться с оригиналом которых можно пройдя по ЭТОЙ ССЫЛКЕ), с тем, чтобы другие активисты распространили эту информацию и предупредили правительства государств всего мира, дабы остановить массовую вакцинацию и не стать соучастниками преступления против человечества. 



Свойства кефира которые никто не знает
Свойства кефира которые никто не знает
Быстренько избавляемся от загрубевшей кожи на пятках
Быстренько избавляемся от загрубевшей кожи на пятках
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10 продуктов для быстрой очистки печени

Очищение организма от шлаков в домашних условиях

Очищение организма
В настоящее время стало модно быть здоровым. Поэтому, человек который следит за своим здоровьем, старается периодически осуществлять очищение организма от шлаков и накопившихся токсинов. Многие БАДы обещают быстро и безболезненно очистить организм в домашних условиях. Хотя в медицинских терминах такого понятия как «очищение организма» не существует, здесь используются более точные и конкретные понятия. Напрашивается вопрос: «А нужно ли очищать организм? Принесёт ли это пользу?».

Что такое очищение организма и зачем оно нужно?

Если вас уже заинтересовал этот вопрос, то, возможно, вы уже поняли, что действительно очищать организм от шлаков всё же нужно. Но попробуем всё- таки разобраться, для чего так необходимо очищать организм?
Организм должен справляться с негативными воздействиями из внешней среды ежедневно. Конечно, легче ему это делать, если он свободен от шлаков. Если мы хотим прожить долгой, и полноценной жизнью, то мы должны создать своему организму такие условия, чтобы он мог справиться с любыми неблагоприятными воздействиями.
Замечено, что лекарственные препараты менее действенны на зашлакованный организм. Поэтому случается, что человек заболел, а ему не помогают никакие лекарства. Также подмечено, что у людей,  которые очищали свой организм, лечение проходит более успешно и результативнее. Из этого можно сделать вывод, для того чтобы побороть болезнь, необходимы благоприятные условия для выздоровления. В таком случае без очищения организма не обойтись, причём он необходим, как постельный режим для выздоровления при лечении гриппа.
Опять же, причина многих заболеваний - это итог засорения органов человеческого тела ядами, шлаками, чуждыми веществами и продуктами гниения. Результатами засорения являются и камни в почках, и полипы в кишечнике.

Sam Parnia – the man who could bring you back from the dead

This British doctor specialises in resurrection and insists outdated resuscitation techniques are squandering lives that could be saved
sam parnia
Sam Parnia: 'When consciousness shuts down in death, your psyche, or soul, persists for at least the hours before resuscitation.'        Photograph: Martin Adolfsson
Sam Parnia MD has a highly sought after medical speciality: resurrection. His patients can be dead for several hours before they are restored to their former selves, with decades of life ahead of them.
  1. The Lazarus Effect: The Science That is Rewriting the Boundaries Between Life and Death
  2. by Sam Parnia
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Parnia is head of intensive care at the Stony Brook University Hospital in New York. If you'd had a cardiac arrest at Parnia's hospital last year and undergone resuscitation, you would have had a 33% chance of being brought back from death. In an average American hospital, that figure would have fallen to 16% and (though the data is patchy) roughly the same, or less, if your heart were to have stopped beating in a British hospital.
By a conservative extrapolation, Parnia believes the relatively cheap and straightforward methods he uses to restore vital processes could save up to 40,000 American lives a year and maybe 10,000 British ones. Not surprisingly Parnia, who was trained in the UK and moved to the US in 2005, is frustrated that the medical establishment seems slow and reluctant to listen to these figures. He has written a book in the hope of spreading the word.
The Lazarus Effect is nothing short of an attempt to recast our understanding of death, based on Parnia's intimate knowledge of the newly porous nature of the previously "undiscovered country from which no traveller returns". His work in resuscitation has led him logically to wider questions of what constitutes being and not being. In particular, he asks what exactly happens, if you are lying dead before resuscitation, to your individual self and all its attendant character and memories – your "soul", as he is not shy to call it – before it is eventually restored to you a few hours later?
When I meet Parnia, he is not long off the plane from New York after a night flight with his wife and baby daughter, and the particular revival he is craving is the miracle of strong coffee. He is both forthright and softly spoken, full of careful zeal for his findings. As I sit across the table from him, he can make even the most extraordinary claim seem calmly rational. "It is my belief," he says, "that anyone who dies of a cause that is reversible should not really die any more. That is: every heart attack victim should no longer die. I have to be careful when I state that because people will say, 'My husband has died recently and you are saying that need not have happened'. But the fact is heart attacks themselves are quite easily managed. If you can manage the process of death properly then you go in, take out the clot, put a stent in, the heart will function in most cases. And the same with infections, pneumonia or whatever. People who don't respond to antibiotics in time, we could keep them there for a while longer [after they had died] until they did respond."
Parnia's belief is backed up by his experience at the margin of life and death in intensive care units for the past two decades – he did his training at Guy's and St Thomas' in London – and particularly in the past five years or so when most of the advances in resuscitation have occurred. Those advances – most notably the drastic cooling of the corpse to slow neuronal deterioration and the monitoring andmaintenance of oxygen levels to the brain – have not yet become accepted possibilities in the medical profession. Parnia is on a mission to change that.
The one thing that is certain about all of our lives, he says, is that we will all eventually experience a cardiac arrest. All our hearts will stop beating. What happens in the minutes and hours after that will potentially be the most significant moments of our biography. At present, the likelihood is, however, that in those crucial moments we will find ourselves in the medical environment of the 1960s or 1970s.
The kind of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) that we are familiar with from medical dramas – the frenzied pumping of the chest – remains rooted, Parnia claims, in its serendipitous discovery in 1960. It remains a haphazard kind of procedure, often performed more in hope than anticipation. Partly, this is a question of personnel. Parnia is quietly maddened by the worldwide hospital habit, in the event of death, to send the most junior of doctors along "to have a go at CPR". It is as if hospital staff have given up before they have started.
"Most doctors will do CPR for 20 minutes and then stop," he says. "The decision to stop is completely arbitrary but it is based on an instinct that after that time brain damage is very likely and you don't want to bring people back into a persistent vegetative state. But if you understand all the things that are going on in the brain in those minutes – as we now can – then you can minimise that possibility. There are numerous studies that show that if you implement all the various resuscitation steps together you not only get a doubling of your survival rates but the people who come back are not brain damaged."
In Parnia's ideal world, the way that people are resuscitated would first take in the knowledge that machines are much better at CPR than doctors. After that, he suggests, the next step is "to understand that you need to elevate the level of care". The first thing is to cool down the body to best preserve the brain cells, which are by then in the process of apoptosis, or suicide.
At the same time, it is necessary to keep up the level of oxygen in the blood. In Japan, this is already standard practice in emergency rooms. Using a technique called an ECMO, the blood of the deceased is siphoned out of the body, put through a membrane oxygenator and pumped round again. This buys the time needed to fix the underlying problem that caused the person to die in the first place. If the level of oxygen to the brain falls below 45% of normal the heart will not restart, Parnia's research shows. Anything above that and there is a good chance.
Potentially, by this means, dead time can be extended to hours and there are still positive outcomes. "The longest I know of is a Japanese girl I mention in the book," Parnia says. "She had been dead for more than three hours. And she was resuscitated for six hours. Afterwards, she returned to life perfectly fine and has, I have been told, recently had a baby."
It was a truncated version of this process, at the London Chest Hospital, that allowed the Bolton footballer Fabrice Muamba to be restored to lifeafter he collapsed on the pitch at White Hart Lane last year. Parnia watched the events unfold on TV and subsequently kept on reading that Muamba had been, for up to an hour, "dead" – but always in quotation marks. He laughs. "Journalists have invented a new term, 'clinically dead'. I don't know what that term means. But the fact is Muamba was dead. And it was not by a miracle he was brought back to life, it was by science."
One of the stranger things you realise in reading Parnia's book is the idea that we might be in thrall to historical perceptions of life and death and that these ultimate constants have lately become vaguer than most of us would allow. The other strand of Parnia's research, in which he leads a team at Southampton University, is into what most people tend to call "near-death experiences" and what he calls "actual death experiences". Parnia has talked to many people about what they recall experiencing while they were dead in his intensive care unit. About half claim to have clear recollections, many of which involve looking down on the surgical team at work on their body or the familiar image of a bright threshold or tunnel of light into which they were being drawn. Parnia has been collecting detailed accounts of these experiences for four years. I ask what conclusions he has drawn.
He suggests he is agnostic about the source of these subjective memories, as he is about questions of mind and matter. "When I first got interested in these mind/body questions, I was astonished to find that no one had even begun to put forward a theory about exactly how neurons in the brain can generate thoughts," he says. "We always assume that all scientists believe the brain produces the mind, but in fact there are plenty who are not certain of that. Even prominent neuroscientists, such as Sir John Eccles, a Nobel prizewinner, believe that we are never going to understand mind through neuronal activity. All I can say is what I have observed from my work. It seems that when consciousness shuts down in death, psyche, or soul – by which I don't mean ghosts, I mean your individual self – persists for a least those hours before you are resuscitated. From which we might justifiably begin to conclude that the brain is acting as an intermediary to manifest your idea of soul or self but it may not be the source or originator of it… I think that the evidence is beginning to suggest that we should keep open our minds to the possibility that memory, while obviously a scientific entity of some kind – I'm not saying it is magic or anything like that – is not neuronal."
Does he have a religious faith?
"No," he says, "and I don't have any religious way into this. But what I do know is that every area of inquiry that used to be tackled by religion or philosophy is now tackled and explained by science. One of the last things to be looked at in this way is the question of what happens when we die. This science of resuscitation allows us to look at that for the first time."
While those more esoteric studies go on, Parnia wants to ensure that more and more people are successfully returned from death to tell whatever tales they can. "I still have colleagues in ICU who say, 'I don't know why we are doing all this stuff'," he says. "Not long ago, I went for a job interview in New York at a teaching hospital and I was told if a patient comes in and has a cardiac arrest and they end up in the cardiac care unit they will be cooled, but if they end up in the intensive care unit the doctor in charge doesn't believe in it. He thinks it blocks his beds so he won't do it. I don't see this as negligence exactly because there is, as yet, no authority telling us this is the standard we should use. But surely there should be." All of this, I say, must have had a powerful bearing on Parnia's own sense of mortality. Is he comforted or made paranoid by his work?
He suggests that the experience of talking to people who have returned from dying serves only to enhance his curiosity about the process they have undergone, and which he has sometimes helped to reverse. Other than that, he says: "In ICU, I see people dying every day and each time it happens a part of you thinks, one day this will be me. There will be people huddling round my bed deciding whether or not to resuscitate and I know one thing for sure: I don't want it just down to pot luck whether I end up brain damaged or even alive."

Staying alive: The 'miracle' machine

Graphic by Pete Guest.Graphic by Pete Guest.
During cardiac arrest, blood cannot carry oxygen to the brain, causing brain cells to decay irreparably, making recovery uncertain. CPR, in which circulation is manually stimulated to delay brain damage, has long been considered the last chance for patients. With ECMO, however, those same patients can be brought back from the brink and kept alive while doctors work towards diagnosis and treatment, making CPR seem primitive by comparison. This hi-tech method of resuscitation is known as ECPR and could mark a revolution in medical practice if adopted by hospitals worldwide.
An extracorporeal membrane oxygenation machine (ECMO) is an advanced life-support apparatus. Two catheter needles are inserted, one into a major vein and one into a major artery, allowing a synthetic pump to begin drawing blood out of the body, circulating it through the apparatus, before returning it to the bloodstream. The blood passes through a membrane oxygenator, in which oxygen is introduced and carbon dioxide removed, much like the exchange of gases that takes place in the lungs. Some ECMO machines also include a heat exchanger, which can cool or warm the blood according to the patient's condition.
A dedicated team is required to place a patient on ECMO but, once that patient is stabilised, the machine can be supervised by specially trained nurses and can maintain stability for sustained periods. This allows the patient to live without a functioning cardiopulmonary system for days or even weeks, giving diseased organs a valuable holiday in which to recover.
Until recently, it has been used largely for severe lung failure in babies. In the UK, it is principally thought of as an intensive care treatment used in the ward, but more and more US hospitals are adding ECPR to their emergency treatment options. In an emergency, when a patient has shown no return of spontaneous circulation after conventional CPR, a doctor would decide whether the patient merits being attached to an ECMO machine, which must be carried out in a matter of minutes. Emergency ECMO is therefore administered as a last resort to patients who stand a good chance of full recovery.
In these conditions, it can be very effective and patients who have been medically dead for hours have been resuscitated successfully through ECMO, which can restart the heartbeat through steady pressure and blood flow. Even after full cardiac arrest, in situations where cell decay and brain damage have been avoided, ECMO has proved a lifesaver. There are four ECMO centres in the UK. Europe's largest centre and the only one in the UK that treats adults is the Glenfield hospital in Leicester.
Kit Buchan

Новость на Newsland: Ученые раскрыли тайны человеческой смерти

Ученые раскрыли тайны человеческой смерти

Что происходит после остановки сердца и дыхания? Что случается с нашим умом и сознанием в течение первых двух секунд или минут после смерти? Может ли сознание существовать отдельно от тела? Наука не слишком интересуется, почему это может происходить. Гораздо важнее вопрос – как?

Доктор Сэм Парниа из Нью-Йоркского медицинского центра Уайла Корнелла – один из наиболее известных специалистов по исследованию природы смерти. Пытаясь понять одну из величайших тайн и при этом будучи представителем официальной науки, он не поддерживает отношений ни с одной религией и не пытается доказать ее идеи. Он пытается непредвзято подойти к тому, что же происходит с нами в тот момент, когда наше сердце перестает биться, а дыхание останавливается, пишет

В рамках проекта Human Consciousness (Человеческое Сознание) Парниа и его коллеги из 25 медицинских центров Европы, Канады и США, начали исследование, названное AWARE(AWAreness during Resuscitaion – сознание во время реанимации). В ближайшее время им предстоит опросить 1500 человек, выживших после остановки сердца. Пациенты должны будут рассказать, что они испытывали между двумя важнейшими в их жизни моментами – когда их сердце остановилось и когда оно забилось вновь. Перед началом эксперимента Парниа рассказал журналу Time о своих предстоящих и предыдущих исследованиях смерти как явления и состояния.
Для самого Парниа это наиболее масштабный, но далеко не первый проект подобного рода. До этого он общался с 500 людьми, имеющими опыт нахождения в клинической смерти. По его данным, медицина и психология пока не располагает точными сведениями о том, что происходит в момент смерти с личностью, индивидуальностью человека. Однако данных о том, что во всех случаях после отказа мозга «выключается свет» и человек перестает воспринимать реальность, нет. Это ставит вопрос о разнице в природе и функционировании мозга и ума.

Известно, что когда сердце останавливается, в мозг перестает поступать кровь. А значит, в течение ближайших 10 секунд, которые требуются для того, чтобы восстановить сердечный ритм, активность мозга прекращается. Однако, согласно исследованиям Парниа, от 10 до 20 процентов людей, вернувшихся к жизни после пребывания в состояния клинической смерти, утверждают, что были в момент отказа центральной нервной системы в полном сознании. Весьма часто такие люди рассказывают, что в этот момент видели все действия врачей по оказанию им медицинской помощи со стороны либо сверху. Ученые пока не знают, реальны ли подобные переживания или это некий вид иллюзии. Однако во многих случаях все данные «с потолка», полностью подтвердили врачи, вернувшие пациентов к жизни.

На практике люди – и в том числе, психологи и медики — обычно воспринимают смерть как некий момент — мы либо мертвы либо еще живы, объясняет Парниа. И в этом состоит социальное определение смерти, которым мы в основном пользуемся. Однако клиническое определение смерти значительно сложнее. Врачи диагностируют смерть, когда сердце перестает биться, легкие прекращают работать, а затем отключается мозг и в связи с этим глаза человека прекращают реагировать на свет. Если все эти признаки смерти присутствуют и оказываются необратимыми, врач может позвонить медсестре и приступить к оформлению свидетельства о смерти.
50 лет назад после таких симптомов человек уже никогда не возвращался к жизни. Сейчас же существует другое ограничение – продолжительность жизни мозга после прекращения его питания кислородом. Если врачам не удается запустить сердце в течение нескольких минут, дальше это уже становится бессмысленным – мозг гибнет, и пациент уже не может прийти в сознание.

В настоящее время временной промежуток между жизнью и смертью может длиться еще дольше. По словам Парниа, разработаны препараты, которые могут замедлять повреждение клеток мозга, оставшихся без кислорода. Таким образом, врачи через 10 лет смогут вернуть к жизни пациента, все жизненно важные органы которого не работают уже несколько часов. Такого рода препараты могут привести к невиданному прорыву в медицине – и при этом, к тому же, расширить наше представление о природе смерти. Медики и психологи, возможно, смогут продвинуться за пределы нынешних границ науки. Но даже сейчас, не дожидаясь, когда препараты, сохраняющие клетки мозга, попадут на рынок, уже можно начинать проверять предположение о том, что сознание может существовать отдельно от тела. Наука не слишком интересуется, почему это может происходить. Гораздо важнее вопрос – как?

Сейчас большинство ученых считают, что мозг и ум это одно и то же. И это предположение верно, подобно тому, как верна ньютоновская физика. Мы продолжаем пользоваться ей до сих пор. Однако в начале XX века появилась квантовая физика, которая не опровергает механику Ньютона, но подходит для условий не макро-, а микромира. Парниа и его коллеги не собираются опровергать современную психологию и нейрофизиологию, но ищет условия, при которых они не верны. Возможно, этими условиями является процесс смерти.

Kate Ogg, an Australian mother who gave birth to twins at 27 weeks after 3 hours of labor couldn't believe her ears when the doctors broke the news that her son, Jamie weighing 2lbs couldn't make it. At a Sydney hospital, Jamie’s twin sister Emily was fine and healthy at the time of delivery while her brother was resuscitated for twenty minutes to help him spring to life. When he didn't respond to the treatment, the parents had to be told the dreadful news.
When he didn't respond to the treatment, the parents had to be told the dreadful news.
Image Source:
Kate, unable to digest the news that her baby was dead, unwrapped him from his blanket and put him on her chest, against her skin. Kate and David, Jamie’s father talked to him telling him his name and that he had a sister, told him what all thing they would do with him throughout his life, touched him and hugged him for two hours before the little baby gasped for air. But the doctors dismissed it as a reflex action. The baby then gasped for more and more air and she fed Jamie with a bit of breast milk and the miracle touched the zenith. The baby started breathing. A while later, Jamie opened his eyes and moved his head that left the doctors both shocked and happy.
Image Source:
The brave and valiant mother highlighted the importance of skin-on-skin care for sick babies, a trend recently being adopted by many hospitals across the world. It is also known as the Kangaroo Care method adopted from the manner in which kangaroos keep the little ones in their pouch. This technique allows mothers to act as incubators to keep the new born babies warm and alive. This method also decreases the chances of infection and the rate of hypothermia in pre-mature and low weight babies. Skin-on-skin care method improves the sleep pattern of babies and drops down the severity of illness in them.
Image Source:
Kangaroo care approach is a scientific method that restores the baby’s temperature in a faster way than any incubator. For pre-mature babies who are likely to have a low body temperature, this method enables the mother to pass on the heat to the little one. As far as a research published in The Lancet goes, Karolinska Institute in Stockholm found that ninety percent of the babies who underwent this care revived normal body temperature in four hours as compared to sixty percent babies kept in incubators. This technique doesn't carry a risk of overheating as well as the excess heat is passed to the mother. Such an approach is also advised for older babies to calm them down as well as enhance their development.

David Ogg appreciates his wife for being warm and valiant at the time when most mothers would be devastated.

Asthma . Here is my personal story and how I discovered a safe and highly effective natural asthma treatment for asthma and allergies that will work just as effectively for you and your loved ones too...
Welcome and hello, I'm Susan Millar. I suffered with asthma and severe allergies for more than 40 years and like you, and many others, grew to hate the side effects and resulting damage to my body from using expensive antihistamines and asthma drugs that never really worked. My main asthma trigger has always been cat dander, and exposure to it resulted in a life-threatening asthma attack with a visit to the emergency. Fortunately for me, I usually could take measures to avoid my main asthma trigger, but other asthma sufferers with multi-environmental triggers are not so lucky. My summer allergies were always a problem because pollen is everywhere and unavoidable. Allergy drugs made me drowsy, dehydrated, gave me headaches, plus really didn’t help much to relieve my allergy symptoms. As a result, I was continually searching for a safe, effective alternative, but I had little success in finding anything that genuinely eliminated asthma and allergy symptoms safely without side effects- that is until my friend was faced with severe life-threatening asthma.
Ten years ago in South America I was researching and documenting several projects with my friend, Stan Grist, an explorer and prospector. He suddenly developed severe life-threatening bronchial asthma while we were in a small, remote village in the Amazon jungle in Ecuador.

He was so ill, he could barely walk and was mostly bedridden. We went to a local doctor who told us that it was asthma and advised us to return to a major city for treatment. In Quito, we were able to find a respected lung specialist trained in the U.S. He confirmed the diagnosis. He prescribed several expensive drugs: Prednisone, antibiotics, along with two different inhalers. The drugs only slightly improved his condition, but also proved to have undesirable side effects. Stan was experiencing a rapid heart rate, headache, sore throat and stomach upset. He was feeling irritable and tense. Even though he was exhausted, he could not sleep because of the effect of the prescription drugs. He was also still bedridden and unable to work or enjoy any activities. This same man, several months earlier, had climbed to the top of a 14,000 foot mountain, could now barely walk or breathe.
His asthma symptoms started to get much worse, so he went back to the doctor for different asthma medication, which eventually proved to be equally ineffective. He also became hyper-sensitive to just about everything in his environment. Stan was becoming depressed and very worried. The active life he had once enjoyed was now over. Since he is an explorer and prospector, this also meant the end of his livelihood. It was a desperate situation and he decided to leave Ecuador to get treatment in Miami.

When he arrived in Miami he went directly to an emergency room. They confirmed that the medication that Stan was presently taking were those commonly prescribed for asthma. They said they could prescribe others with similar ingredients, but the effects and results would ultimately be the same. There was really nothing new that they could do to help him.
(Are you aware of the dangerous side effects of many prescription asthma drugs that you or your child may be taking? See this report: Asthma Drug Side Effects)
At this point, Stan seemed to have run out of answers, but believing there must be something that could help him, I started intense research of the latest medical information and clinical studies from internationally respected medical journals and libraries. I concentrated on natural foods and supplements known to be effective in treating asthma and allergy symptoms. 
There was one bioflavonoid supplement that I came across that I had never heard of or tried before. This supplement turned out to be the single, most important one. With further research, I learned very specific information as to strength, dosage and what it must be combined with for maximum benefit or absorption. When taken alone, or in the wrong combination & strength, it is simply doesn't work.

The research indicated that when taken in a particular strength and combination, it would clear asthma sufferers' lungs within a few hours. I was hopeful, but not really expecting to see such dramatic relief. I had used various supplements for my asthma and allergies for many years and knew that they often worked slowly, if at all, so I was pretty skeptical about it working as quickly or as effectively as the study indicated.
Amazingly within a few hours it cleared his lungs and Stan was breathing easily for the first time in months. He was able to stop taking all asthma drug medication within two weeks. (An important note: If you are planning on discontinuing your prescription asthma medication*, you should always consult your doctor before doing so, to stop suddenly can be dangerous). *to discontinue use: prednisolone, or prednisone must be reduced gradually if the drug therapy lasts longer than one week.
Since our discovery of this asthma treatment, Stan has been completely free from asthma for over 10 years. 
He is able to forget that he ever suffered from it. Better still, he is finally free from dangerous prescription drug side effects. 
This is because the asthma treatment supplements have healing properties that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and antihistamines lack by repairing tissues, fibers, and membranes, they strengthen the entire respiratory system by regenerating tissues. 
As I mentioned earlier, my main asthma trigger has always been cat dander, and exposure to it resulted in a life-threatening asthma attack with a visit to the emergency, now if I am exposed to cat dander, I simply take the supplements and I’m absolutely fine. It works great for my allergies too - spring and summer used to be miserable, now I enjoy them completely without sneezing, itchy eyes and a runny nose.

Stan was able to resume his active life and continues to explore remote jungle regions in Ecuador. ( to learn more about Stan's adventures visit
Thanks to this research, we are both able to forget that we ever suffered from asthma or allergies. Better still, we are finally free from dangerous prescription drug side effects. The freedom we both feel from this suffering is indescribable.
Now you can get your life back again too - just we and many others have done, using the information in my report. You have nothing to lose except your asthma and allergy symptoms.


P.S. If you want more detailed information or have questions, please see Questions & Contact

"Hi Susan, My son Henry is 3.5 years old. I wrote to you a couple of times in the last four months after I ordered your ebook and followed its instructions. He still has not had an asthma attack. Every time he starts even a tiny bit of couging, even one cough per hour or so, I start with the supplements and the cough goes away. So thank you!!!!" Amanda Lotas, Charlottesville,VA, USA.
"I was indeed delighted to find the solution to be simple and affordable. My son and I took the recommended doses according to the research in your Asthma Relief Report. My breathing became deeper in a day. It took my son a few days to respond, but he is now sleeping at night lying down and no longer coughing and wheezing at bedtime. We both thank you for your persistent research and simple yet effective solution to asthma."  -Dale and Tina Kowalchuk, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

This natural asthma treatment genuinely does work effectively without side effects & the report comes with a risk free 8 week 100% money-back guarantee.
Asthma Relief Report Cover

 If you have any questions or concerns please see Questions and Contact.

Additional Information About Asthma and Allergies

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Bruce Tennant
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Inflammatory arthritis

Inflammatory arthritis responds to ice. Harmful OTC (overthecounter) drugs like aspirin, Advil and other ibuprofen, and acetaminophen (Tylenol) are anti-inflammatory. The pain that they treat may respond to ice. Don’t place an ice pack on your heart, over the kidneys (on the back around your waist) or around the sexual area because that can cause cramps or other unpleasant side-effects. Besides arthritis usually attacks the big joints knees, lumbar vertebrae in the lower back, ankles, elbow, and fingers or toes. Not internal organs.

If joint pain is worse with anger, hot spicy foods, hot weather, dehydration (joints and muscles need lots of water) thenapplying ice may bring temporary relief. Use an ice pack for no more than 20 minutes at a time.

To soothe inflammatory pain, you need to adjust your diet to include more greens and alkaline foods. Avoid coffee, sugar, cola drinks, sweets and candy, hot spices and alcohol to stay alkaline.

The broccoli cure, recommended by Dr. Saracoglu, described in my article “Protect your prostate” on this website works quickly and effectively to detoxify the blood and reduce excess acids that underlie joint, muscle, and nerve pains. Boil a handful of broccoli for 10 minutes in at least 2 cups of water and drink half first thing in the morning and the rest before bed. Add no spice and do not eat for at least 20 minutes after drinking the broccoli water. It will clear complexion blemishes, aches, bad moods, and constipation. It is also highly recommended for preventing and treating urinary and sexual discomforts.

Exercise daily

Walking is one of the best exercises. Swimming is the best. During the day, stand on one bare foot for a moment, breathe calmly then switch to the other bare foot. Standing quietly barefoot, your leg may wobble, a sign of muscle weakness. That sends a message to the brain to improve your week leg muscles.

It is wise to first stretch and warm up a painful area. After a workout or a walk, you might apply a warm heating pad or tiger balm to improve circulation. Then apply the ice. Then switch back to warmth. That change in temperature brings blood circulation to stiff muscles and troubled joints. Or switch back and forth from a hot tub to cool swimming pool.

Homeopathic treatments

Homeopathic remedies that treat acute inflammation that feels like a sting, or swollen joints that are red and mean, include:

• Homeopathic apis mel. 30C that’s homeopathic honey bee. Its easier to take one dose (3 pills of homeopathic apis 30C) than to bother a bee. Bee stings are unpredictable, though many people value bee venom as a treatment against chronic arthritis. People in cities lack bees. Apis improves any sharp pain that is red, irritated, swollen and acts like a bee sting. It improves gout symptoms (red, swollen, very painful big toe sometimes up to the ankle, insomnia and irritability from pain) but does not eliminate its cause.

• Homeopathic nat. phos. 6X and 30C for respectively chronic and acute excess acid symptoms is also recommended for gout, which can develop when the kidney cannot adequately eliminate uric acid. Nat. phos. 6x or 30C, a treatment for excess acid which underlies any sort of excess acid ** gout and many cases of arthritis.

Holy Neem

If you could find a tree that eliminates poisons, skin rashes, and parasites, kills viruses and reduces inflammatory arthritis pains, you would say it’s a miracle. It is Neem or the Margosa tree a botanical cousin of mahogany. The latinized name Azadirachta indica from persian means India’s free tree. Neem grows wild in India and anywhere in the tropics (even southern Florida.) I once walked through a neem forest in a Manhattan loft lit with grow lights. Some neem trees live to be 150 – 200 years old. Universities from Bangalore to Baltimore are validating ancient traditions with research on neem for disorders ranging from arthritis and diabetes to psoriasis, ulcers and viruses, including AIDS. Neem enhances the “Killer T” cells that are the body’s first defense against infection.

The earliest Sanskrit medical writings describe the benefits of neem’s fruits, seeds, oil, leaves, roots and bark used in the Indian Ayurvedic and Unani (Graeco Arabic) Medicines. Neem bark is cool, bitter, astringent, acrid and refrigerant and is useful for fatigue, cough, fever, loss of appetite, and worm infestation. Neem powder heals wounds when applied externally. Taken internally, neem reduces skin diseases, excessive thirst, and diabetes. Neem leaves are beneficial for eye disorders and insect poisons. It’s fruits are a bitter purgative for reducing hemorrhoids and expelling worms. In India, neem has been used for boils, wounds, jaundice, leprosy, skin disorders, stomach ulcers, chicken pox, septic sores, and infected burns. You can apply a poultice (the powder mixed with water) or a decoction (the powder boiled in water) for boils and eczema. Neem oil is used for scrofula and ringworm.

In Ayurvedic medicine neem is used to treat malarial fevers. Recent experiments have shown that one of the neem’s components, gedunin (a limonoid), is as effective as quinine against malaria.China has adopted neem for its anti-malaria operation. Neem oil treated mosquito nets and mosquito-repellent are also popular in India. In the United States you may find botanists and home gardeners who use neem spray as a natural safe for humans and pets insecticide.

Neem and Arthritis:

Neem is widely used for treating fevers. Neem has a long history of relieving inflamed joints and now is supported by recent scientific studies. Most anti inflammatories, such as aspirin and ibuprofen, irritate the stomach and may be the major cause for upper GI bleeding. Neem is comparably effective, anti inflammatory and does not adversely affect the stomach. The active constituents in its leaves relieve pain by acting on the prostaglandin mechanism.

Several studies of neem leaf extracts show that it reduces inflammation. One suggested that the phenolic compounds containing catechin (which possess anti inflammatory properties) may produce the anti-inflammatory effects. Another investigation found that quercetin, an antibacterial compound, exists in neem leaves. Other studies have shown that the polysaccharides in neem reduce the inflammation and swelling that occur in arthritis. Not only does neem help reduce inflammation; it also has pain suppressing properties. Neem can also help create a balance in the immune system, directly affecting the progression of arthritis. For more information on neem see located in Mumbai, India. Tel: + 91 22 26206367 / 26207867 / 26231709.
Fax: + 91 22 26207508

Heavy Metal Detox with ZEOLITE

Zeolite is like many natural substances a controversial method to detoxify. Most people think that all Zeolite is the same. But this could not be further from the truth. Comparing zeolites from the supermarket or building depot with high grade Zeolite for medical use is like comparing sand with rocks. The main attribute of zeolites is to bind heavy metals. Therefore it's used for water filters and detoxification alike. But unfortunately do not all zeolites help to get rid of toxins in your body. Some are just way to coarse and rough to be effective. Rough zeolites is good when you used in your bath to bind the toxins that came through the tap and to bind those which come through your skin.To be effective in your body they need to be as small as NANO particles although not being a nano particle.  In this article and video we will show you the best way to use zeolites as a superior detox medium. This way it can even be used with babies. It's safe and very convenient:
Zeo Gold from Longevity Plus is an advanced Zeolite product that is designed to support the effective reduction of toxic body burden (TBB), of toxic heavy metal neurotoxins and free radicals.
ZeoGold  is a Micronized Hydro colloid (MHZ) form of volcanic mineral called zeolite (clinoptilolite), and research has shown that Zeolite has an ideal structure for mopping up and removing toxins such as aluminium, arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury and tin, but does not remove beneficial minerals such as zinc and potassium, which can be the case with other detox treatments.
First, the product must be “activated”, which means the zeolite has been cleaned and purified of toxins. The product should also contain a particle size of less than 5 microns.
Dr. Garry F. Gordon writes:
Zeo Gold is a natural enhanced Zeolite with a Golden color, consisting of uniquely formed Hydro colloidal zeolite particles surrounding the larger crystals of clinoptilolite Zeolite. It forms in the petrified bubbles of the clinoptilolite volcanic rocks with a crystallite sieve size of less than a micron and is considerably smaller than the normal clinoptilolite with the same cage opening size.
This previously unavailable scarcer Hydro colloidal particle is an enhancement over other clinoptilolite zeolites as it provides ultra high surface area for more effective absorption without nano sizing (0ver 10 times the effective surface area) and has the higher cation exchange capacity for metal removal than any of the clinoptilolites we can find information on. Today there is a better understand of why Zeolite improves health, it’s because it is an effective detox and chelation agent. What makes Zeolite unique from other chelation agents is its crystalline molecule; Zeolite has a honeycomb structure with the ability to trap heavy metals like lead and mercury in its cavities.
As Zeolite travels through blood, these “caves” on its surface, (plus the fact it has a rare negatively charged nucleus) attract and trap heavy metal toxins, this is a process referred to as Cation exchange.    Research has shown that Zeolite has an ideal structure for mopping up and removing toxins such as aluminium, arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury and tin and what’s more it appears that Zeolite does not remove “positive” beneficial minerals such as zinc and potassium etc., which can be the case with other detox treatments. Furthermore it is interesting that Zeolite is an effective chelator of fluoride, an interesting note for all those concerned that too many toothpastes and water supplies are today contaminated, indeed legal infiltrated with this toxin. There is a considerable amount of published evidence that supports that the higher the level of heavy metals in your blood stream, the more free radicals there are to. Thus reducing the toxic burden of heavy metals automatically also reduces the number and the activity of free radicals.
Increasing Performance in Children With ADHD By Trapping Lead With a Nano-Zeolite, Mona Delavarian, Ph.D. student; Ali Hassanvand, M.Sc.; Shahriar Gharibzadeh, M.D., Ph.D., The Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences 2013;25:E23-E23. 10.1176/appi.neuropsych.12010014
Natural zeolite clinoptilolite: new adjuvant in anticancer therapy.,Pavelić K, Hadzija M, Bedrica L, Pavelić J, Dikić I, Katić M, Kralj M, Bosnar MH, Kapitanović S, Poljak-Blazi M, Krizanac S, Stojković R, Jurin M, Subotić B, Colić M.,J Mol Med (Berl). 2001;78(12):708-20.

Клещ – животное маленькое, но крайне опасное, и он подживает свою жертву – человека – не только в глухом лесу, но и на ясной полянке, где вы решили устроить пикник, или даже в обычном городском парке. Чтобы не стать жертвой клеща, важно вовремя его найти и правильно обезвредить
Основное правило защиты от переносчиков клещевого энцефалита – это правильная одежда, которая закрывает почти все тело, и постоянная бдительность – осматривать себя, соседа и детей нужно как минимум раз в час. Искать клещей нужно не только на одежде, но и на открытых участках тела, в волосах, и особое внимание стоит уделить местам, где пролегают крупные сосуды – подмышечные впадины, шею, сгибы локтей, коленей, паховые складки.
Клещ не впивается сразу, от получаса до нескольких часов он сидит на будущей жертве и выбирает место для укуса – поэтому у любителей отдыха на природе есть все шансы его почувствовать и вовремя с себя снять. Делать это нужно максимально аккуратно, не раздавив клеща пальцами.
Но если клещ уже впился в кожу, то действовать нужно немедля, потому что чем раньше вы удалите впившегося паразита, тем лучше.

Экспериментально-клиническое обоснование применения информационно-волновой терапии при лечении хронического верхушечного периодонтита

тема диссертации и автореферата по ВАК 14.00.21, кандидат медицинских наук Полякова, Елена Автор научной работы: Полякова, Елена ЕвгеньевнаУченая cтепень: 

кандидат медицинских наук
Код cпециальности ВАК: 
Количество cтраниц: 

Оглавление диссертации кандидат медицинских наук Полякова, Елена Евгеньевна

Список сокращений.
Глава 1. Обзор литературы. Современные методы лечения хронического верхушечного периодонтита.
1.1 Применение физических факторов при лечении хронических верхушечных периодонтитов.
1.2.Физические свойства электромагнитного излучения миллиметрового диапазона.
1.3. Физиологические механизмы терапевтического действия миллиметровых волн.
1.4. Информационно-волновая терапия.
1.5. Информационные свойства биологически активных точек.
1.6. Изменение иммунологических показателей и микробной флоры полости рта при воспалительных заболеваниях челюстно-лицевой области.
Глава 2. Материалы и методы исследования.
2.1.Общая характеристика обследованных больных.
2.2. Оценка стоматологического статуса больных верхушечным периодонтитом.
2.2.1. Балльная система оценки клинического состояния и данных рентгенодиагностики больных с хроническим верхушечным периодонтитом.
2.2.2. Рентгенологическое обследование периапикальных тканей леченых зубов.
2.2.3. Лабораторные методы исследования.
2.3. Методы лечения.
2.3.1 Комплексное лечение хронических верхушечных периодонтитов.
2.3.2 Методика проведения информационно-волновой терапии при лечении хронических верхушечных периодонтитов.
2.3.3. Методика проведения магнито-лазерной терапии при лечении хронических верхушечных периодонтитов.
2.4. Статистические методы обработки материала.
Глава 3. Влияния воздействия ИВТ на музейные штаммы микроорганизмов. (Эксперимент).
3.1. Условия проведения эксперимента.
3.2. Результаты эксперимента.
3.3. Влияние информационно-волновой терапии на гемолитические свойства микробной ассоциации полости рта.
Глава 4. Результаты лечения больных с хроническим верхушечным периодонтитом.
4.1. Результаты лечения больных с хроническим верхушечным фиброзным периодонтитом.
4.2. Результаты лечения больных с хроническим верхушечным гранулематозным периодонтитом.
4.3. Результаты лечения больных с хроническим верхушечным гранулирующим периодонтитом.
4.4. Микробиологическое исследование.
4.5.Оценка факторов местного иммунитета полости рта.
4.6. Корреляционный анализ.
Обсуждение результатов.

Введение диссертации (часть автореферата) На тему "Экспериментально-клиническое обоснование применения информационно-волновой терапии при лечении хронического верхушечного периодонтита"

Актуальность исследования. Воспалительные заболевания периодонта являются одним из наиболее частых и грозных осложнений кариеса зубов, распространенность их составляет около 50% [12,17,45]. Периодонтит - основная причина развития периостита, остеомиелита челюстей, флегмон, абсцессов мягких тканей лица и шеи, требующих длительного лечения, а иногда и удаления зубов [11].
Наличие бактериальных хронических очагов в организме вызывает соответствующую перестройку, в результате которой организм либо приобретает иммунитет, либо сенсибилизируется [163, 173].
Сложная архитектура корневого канала, появление устойчивых штаммов микроорганизмов приводит к тому, что используемые лекарственные препараты для обработки корневого канала, не всегда эффективны [82, 129, 154]. Широко распространенные среди пациентов аллергические реакции на медикаментозные препараты, использующиеся при лечении верхушечных периодонтитов, позволяют расширить применение физиотерапевтического воздействия и снизить риск сенсибилизации организма пациента [202].
В 90% случаев после проведения эндодонтического лечения и пломбирования системы корневого канала возникают боли. Для уменьшения их интенсивности назначаются нестероидные противовоспалительные средства [54, 60, 153].
Важное значения имеет комплексное лечение хронических верхушечных периодонтитов с применением в качестве вспомогательного метода лечения физических факторов, позволяющих активно влиять на основные звенья патогенеза [105]. 6
По данным литературы; у больных с хроническим течением верхушечного периодонтита в большинстве случаев наблюдается угнетение неспецифической резистентности, проявляющееся в снижении количества и активности лизоцима, содержания иммуноглобулинов, нарушении цитокинового статуса [231, 244].
Включение MJIT в комплекс лечебных мероприятий хронических форм верхушечного периодонтита приводит к нормализации факторов местного иммунитета полости рта [44], подавлении активности микроорганизмов, что клинически проявляется быстрым купированием воспалительной реакции [55], меньшему проценту осложнений и рецидивов (на 17,8% меньше, чем при лечении без использования физиотерапевтического воздействия), рентгенологически восстановлению костной ткани на более ранних сроках наблюдения [152, 153, 167]. Но высокая стоимость аппарата, для проведения MJIT и необходимость специальной подготовки персонала, его защита, оборудования кабинета ограничивают ее широкое распространение.
Поиск новых физиотерапевтических методов лечения воспалительных заболеваний челюстно-лицевой области показал возможность использования электромагнитного излучения миллиметрового диапазона. Этот метод воздействия позволяет нормализовать гомеостаз на внутриклеточном, межклеточном уровне [32, 38].
Проведенные специальные исследования показали, что миллиметровые волны оказывают следующие действия: повышают неспецифическую резистентность организма [24], нормализуют метаболические процессы в организме, выраженное противоболевое действие [40]. При применении ИВТ отмечается тенденция к нормализации количественных и качественных показателей функционирования системы иммунитета и усиление активности лейкоцитов. Восстанавливается соотношение регуляторных субпопуляций лимфоцитов (нормализация Т-лимфоцитов, не влияя на количество В-лимфоцитов) [25, 27].
При лечении хронических форм верхушечного периодонтита ИВТ ранее не использовалась и нет данных о влиянии на микробную ассоциацию полости рта, факторы неспецифического иммунитета, цитокиновый статус.
Данных о влиянии ИВТ на предупреждение болей после пломбирования корневых каналов, микробную ассоциацию полости рта, факторы иммунологической защиты у больных с хроническими формами верхушечного периодонтита в литературе нам не встретилось. Так же нет работ по сравнительной оценке эффективности использования MJIT и ИВТ при лечении хронических верхушечных периодонтитов.
Цель исследования. Повышение эффективности комплексного лечения хронических верхушечных периодонтитов на основании использования ИВТ.
Задачи исследования
1.В эксперименте оценить влияние ИВТ на музейные штаммы микроорганизмов и микробную ассоциацию полости рта.
2. Разработать методику применения ИВТ.
3. Изучить влияние ИВТ и MJIT на показатели местного иммунитета полости рта и микрофлору полости рта при хроническом гранулирующем периодонтите.
4. Оценить влияние ИВТ и MJIT на динамику репаративных процессов в области верхушки корня при различных формах верхушечного периодонтита.
5. Провести анализ эффективности лечения хронического верхушечного периодонтита с применением ИВТ.
Научная новизна
1. В условиях эксперимента изучено влияние ИВТ (при прямом воздействии) на музейные штаммы микроорганизмов: P. aeruginosa АГСС 27853 (Гр-), St. aureus АГСС 25923 (Гр+), Е. coli АГСС 35218
Гр-), С. albicans (Гр+) и на гемолитические свойства микробной ассоциации слизистой оболочки полости рта.
2. Впервые разработана методика применения ИВТ на очаг поражения при хронических верхушечных периодонтитах.
3. Показано влияние ИВТ на лизоцим, секреторный иммуноглобулин A (S-IgA) и интерлейкины (IL-1B, IL-4, IL-8), INF-y.
Практическая значимость. Включение ИВТ в комплексное лечение хронических верхушечных периодонтитов позволяет сократить время и повысить эффективность лечения.
Внедрение результатов в практику. Результаты исследования внедрены в практику работы терапевтического отделения ЗАО «Стоматологическая поликлиника №3» г. Тюмени и городской клинической стоматологической поликлиники №3 г. Екатеринбурга, а также используются в преподавании на кафедрах терапевтической стоматологии Уральской государственной медицинской академии и на кафедре стоматологии ФГЖ и 1111С Тюменской государственной медицинской академии.
Положения, выносимые на защиту
1. Информационно-волновая терапия угнетает активность микроорганизмов, входящих в состав микробной ассоциации полости рта.
2. Информационно-волновая терапия нормализует показатели местного иммунитета полости рта.
3. Включение информационно-волновой терапии в комплекс лечебных мероприятий хронического верхушечного периодонтита позволяет сократить количество осложнений, время лечения, в более короткие сроки добиться уменьшения очага деструкции.
Апробация работы. Материалы диссертации представлены на научно-практических конференциях по стоматологии (Тюмень, 2002, 2004); на научно-практической конференции «Приоритеты профилактики стоматологических заболеваний в условиях Сибири» (Тюмень, 2003); на симпозиуме «Новые технологии в стоматологии» (Екатеринбург, 2004), на
VIII Всероссийском научном форуме с международным участием «Дни иммунологии в Санкт-Петербурге» имени академика В.И. Иоффе (Санкт-Петербург, 2004), на научно-практической конференции «Лазеры в медицине» (Екатеринбург, 2005).
Публикации. По теме диссертации опубликовано 8 статей. Получено два свидетельства о регистрации интеллектуального продукта «Способ лечения хронического верхушечного периодонтита» №73200500014 от 21.01.05г. и «Методика применения информационно-волновой терапии при лечении хронического верхушечного периодонтита» №7320050001 от 21.01.05г.
Объем и структура диссертации. Работа изложена на 152 страницах, включая список литературы. Состоит из введения, четырех глав собственных исследований, заключения, выводов и практических рекомендаций. Иллюстрирована 29 таблицами и 28 рисунками. Список литературы включает 250 источников (205 отечественных и 45 иностранных).

Заключение диссертации по теме "Стоматология", Полякова, Елена Евгеньевна

1. Информационно-волновая терапия угнетает активность музейных штаммов Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus и не влияет на Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Candida albican. Воздействие на микробную ассоциацию слизистой оболочки полости рта в течение 20 минут in vitro приводит к уменьшению видового разнообразия микроорганизмов входящих в ее составе, а после двадцатиминутной экспозиции исчезают признаки гемолиза.
2. Воздействие ИВТ на биологически активные точки и проекцию верхушки корня в течение 20 минут при хроническом фиброзном периодонтите однократно, при хроническом гранулематозном периодонтите трижды, при хроническом гранулирующем периодонтите 4 процедуры ежедневно способствует клинической реабилитации пациентов.
3. Использование ИВТ в комплексном лечении хронического гранулирующего периодонтита приводит к уменьшению уровня микробиологической обсемененности слизистой оболочки полости рта, повышению уровня S-IgA, IL-lf3, INF-y, IL-8, и снижению концентрации лизоцим, IL-4.
4. При использовании ИВТ уменьшение размеров очага деструкции при хроническом гранулирующем периодонтите происходит быстрее на 24,4% (по сравнению с лечением без применения физиотерапевтического воздействия);
При хроническом гранулематозном периодонтите на 23,7% (по сравнению с традиционной методикой), на 4,6% (по сравнению с использованием MJIT);
При хроническом фиброзном периодонтите на 2,6% (по сравнению с лечением без применения физиотерапевтического воздействия).
5. Эффективность лечения хронического фиброзного периодонтита при использовании ИВТ выше на 13,4% (по сравнению с лечением без применения физиотерапевтического воздействия), на 3,7% (по сравнению с использованием MJIT); хронического гранулематозного периодонтита на 13,1% (по сравнению с лечением без применения физиотерапевтического воздействия), на 0,8% (по сравнению с использованием MJ1T) хронического гранулирующего периодонтита на 17,9% (по сравнению с лечением без применения физиотерапевтического воздействия), на 0,7% (по сравнению с использованием MJIT)
1. Для повышения эффективности лечения хронических верхушечных периодонтитов рекомендуем использовать информационно-волновую терапию, воздействуя в течение 20 минут на проекцию верхушки корня и биологически активные точки в области уздечки верхней губы, и в центре подбородочно-губной складки
• при хроническом фиброзном периодонтите однократно
• при хроническом гранулематозном периодонтите ежедневно в течение 3 дней
• при хроническом гранулирующем периодонтите ежедневно в течение 4 дней

Научная библиотека диссертаций и авторефератов disserCat

ИВТ — единственная на сегодняшний день медицинская технология взаимодействия с организмом, направленная на совершенствование самоорганизации, оптимизацию функций, адапто- и саногенез.
Это коренным образом отличает информационно-волновую терапию от лазерной, магнитно-резонансной, микроволновой резонансной, милливолновой и других методов волнового воздействия на человека. Главный недостаток последних — навязывание организму искусственных частот, которые не являются для него физиологичными. В случае применения ИВТ, организм сам для себя подбирает нужный электромагнитный сигнал, ассимилирует его, управляет процессом оздоровления по принципу обратной связи. Поэтому ИВТ, являясь своего рода «электромагнитной гомеопатией», совершенно безвредной для организма (используемые ею излучения на десять порядков ниже уровня санитарно-допустимых норм), не имеет противопоказаний. Разработка атласа с топографией зон информационно-волнового воздействия и использование ее на практике позволяет не только плодотворно сочетать подходы восточной медицины (акупунктура, чакры и проч. ) с современной европейской (зоны Захарьина — Геда, Вильямовского, МакКензи и др. ), но и выйти на более высокий уровень лечения. Так, эффективность акупунктуры при различных заболеваниях колеблется от 65 до 72 проц. Эффективность ИВТ как монометода у взрослых составляет от 82 при хронических заболеваниях, до 100 процентов при острых. В педиатрии результативность ИВТ — от 95 до 100 процентов.
По отдельным классам заболеваний действенность ИВТ такова: заболевания сердечно-сосудистой системы (94,0%) нервной системы (94,7%), опорно-двигательного аппарата (95,5%), психоневрологические (93,7%), органов дыхания (96,8%), желудочно-кишечного тракта (97,6%), кожи (92,5%), почек и мочевыводящих путей (98,4%), органов дыхания (96,8%), репродуктивной системы (99,0%), онкология (паллиативная помощь больным) (53,0%) и т. д. Технология ИВТ улучшает работу жизненно важных органов человека; снимает усталость, нервное напряжение, боли, усиливает сопротивляемость, повышает исходный уровень здоровья. При острых функциональных расстройствах ИВТ позволяет получить лечебный эффект на протяжении нескольких минут, что не доступно ни одному методу волновой терапии. Результаты лечения подтверждаются диагностически. При этом в большинстве случаев не требуется применения фармакологических средств, которые не только малоэффективны в случае хронических заболеваний, но могут быть вредны из-за их накопления в организме.
Технология ИВТ получила высокую и даже восторженную оценку на VI Международном конгрессе нейрофизиологов в Швейцарии (1988 г. ), на IX Всемирном конгрессе боли в Вене (1999 г. ), на Международной выставке в Нюрнберге (2001 г. ). Наряду с очевидными медико-биологическими достоинствами данного метода лечения, ИВТ имеет явные социально-экономические преимущества в сравнении с традиционной системой здравоохранения. Она не требует дополнительных ассигнований, делает медицинские услуги доступными для малообеспеченных слоев населения, позволяет снизить безработицу медперсонала, уменьшает сроки лечения в 1,5-2 раза, сокращает количество койко-мест (50-80%) в стационарах, избавляет от необходимости тратить деньги на лекарства. Разработано более 15 медико-социальных программ. В их числе — семейная медицина, позволяющая переводить 70-80% больных из стационаров на амбулаторное лечение, домашние условия; профилактическая медицина, предполагающая создание соответствующих центров ИВТ в детских садах, школах, высших учебных заведениях; медицина катастроф, направленная на обеспечение массовой медицинской помощи в случае природных, техногенных бедствий, террористических акций (позитивный опыт накоплен в условиях наводнения в Закарпатье, землетрясения в Турции, химического загрязнения в Болеславчике Николаевской области) и другие программы. Впервые в мировой практике получены положительные результаты в лечении СПИДа (ноу-хау) и полирезистентного туберкулеза (патент Украины) с применением ИВТ, преодолена до сих пор неразрешимая проблема устойчивости возбудителя к действию антибиотиков, что имеет исключительное значение в борьбе с бактериологическим заражением.

Информационно-волновая терапия. Применение в лечении неврологических заболеваний метода информационно-волновой (микроволновой резонансной) терапии.
ЖИЗНЬ – это динамическое единство трех потоков: вещества, энергии и информации, и разделить эти три компонента невозможно.
Болезнь – это всегда информационный сбой, но в борьбе за здоровье внимание медицины столетиями было приковано исключи- тельно к материи. Следствием стало огромное количество фармаколо- гических средств, но всегда ли они достаточно эффективны?
ИВТ называют прорывной торсионной медицинской супертехно-логией 21 века. Ученым при разработке Единой Теории Поля удалось получить суперобъединение всех известных взаимодействий: электро-магнитных, гравитационных и ядерных - сильных и слабых полей, и новых торсионных полей (или полей кручения), являющихся носите-лями информации. Так было открыто пятое фундаментальное взаимо-действие – информационное.
Человек является корпускулярно-волновым существом – он «состоит» из привычного, видимого и осязаемого физического тела и связанных с телом невидимых и неосязаемых электромагнитного и информационного полей, дифференцированных на различные компо-ненты (квантовые оболочки).
Методика ИВТ заключается в том, что информационному полю ор-ганизма в зонах информационно-волновых взаимодействий (БАТ) предлагается искусственно сформированное специфическое ЭМИ (электромагнитное излучение) исчезающе малой интенсивности, адекватное ЭМИ клеток, органов и систем, которое вступает во взаимодействие с электромагнитным полем больного организма.
ИВТ – новое направление в медицине, основанное на принципе информационного обмена между биосистемой и внешней средой.
Любая патология в организме вызывает нарушение электрмагнитной гомеодинамики (ЭМГ), которое отражается в характеристиках электромагнитного поля, окружающего живой организм (биополя).
Восстановление электромагнитного гомеостаза осуществляется самим организмом, его информационно-поисковой деятельностью, направленной на выбор оптимальных электромагнитных сигналов из внешней среды.
ИВТ – единственная на сегодняшний день медицинская технология взаимодействия с организмом, направленная на совершенствование самоорганизации, оптимизацию функций, адаптогенез и самогенез.
Это главное и коренное отличие ИВТ от всех существующих методов и подходов современной «медицины действия» на организм.
Особенностью медико-биологических эффектов ИВТ является: лечение любых заболеваний, повышение исходного уровня здоровья, уменьшение биологического возраста, т.е. омоложение; повышение вы- носливости, сопротивляемости и адаптивности, обусловленные не разрушением патогенетических механизмов болезни, а оптимизацией и усилением саногенных процессов в организме.
Омоложение – достигается за счет нормализации всех жизненно важных функций организма, улучшения функционирования многих органов и систем.
ИВТ является медицинской технологией, характеризующейся уни- версальностью(т.е.полифункциональностью – параллельным лечением всех имеющихся патологических изменений в организме)относительно лечения и профилактики, реабилитации и рекреации, отличается пол- ной безвредностью и высокой эффективностью, позволяет осуществить большинство лечебных программ в режиме монометода, лечит до 80% больных амбулаторно, сокращает сроки лечения и реабилитации в 1,5-2 раза.
В основе метода лежат последние открытия в области теории функциональных систем, синергетики, биоритмологии, хрономедицины, неравновесной термодинамики и физики нелинейных квантовых структур.
Рассматривая любой живой организм как целостную многоуровне- вую самоорганизующуюся систему, теория основывается на существо-вании внутри организма сложной многоступенчатой системы собствен ных биологических ритмов, активно участвующих в управлении про- цессами системогенеза. Открытие конкретного биоритмологического механизма управления процессами жизнедеятельности базировалось на представлении любого биологического организма в качестве диссипативной многоуровневой колебательной системы, поддерживающей свою самоорганизацию за счет трансформации потоков внешней и внутренней энергии.
Главной особенностью ИВТ является использование принципа разумности живого на всех уровнях биологической организации, в т. ч. и человеческого организма, способного при необходимости выбрать из внешнего электромагнитного потока необходимый лечебный сигнал, который инициирует в организме выработку эндогенных биологически активных веществ – лекарств (эндоопиатов, простагландинов, эндорфинов), которые оказывают необходимое в данный момент лечебное действие – противоболевое, антиспастическое, противовоспалительное и т. д.
Кабинет ИВТ оснащен 2-мя компьютерными лечебно-диагностическими комплексами (КЛДК), каждый из которых позволяет осуществлять лечебное воздействие на пациента электромагнитным излучением с частотой волны 52-78 ГГц и длиной в 2-10 мм, мощностью 10-12 – 10-20 Вт/Гц/см2, но обладают разными системами электродиагностики. Т. е., диагностики регуляторной, клинико-физиологической диагностики функционального состояния организма.
Одна из них – это диагностика по Nacatani. Эта электропунктурная диагностика по БАТ (Ryodoraku) позволяет определить функциональное состояние энергетики в классических меридианах (энергетических каналах), и по отклонениям от нормы составить рецептуру точек воздействия при лечении ИВТ/МРТ, а также проводить контроль динамики изменений.
Результаты электродиагностики представлены в виде такой таблицы:
Здесь определены показатели уровня энергетики во всех классических меридианах.
Накатани считал, что если значения электропроводимости измеряемых точек (т. е. функций меридианов) находятся в физиологических границах или незначительно выступают за ее пределы, то функция вегетативной нервной системы хорошо сбалансирована, нормальна (обнаружена у здоровых). У больных отмечается значительный разброс показателей от границ физиологической нормы, а с улучшением состояния намечается тенденция к нормализации.
Другая система диагностики – АМСАТ – оригинальный, не имеющий аналогов в мировой практике компьютерно-программный комплекс, предназначенный для проведения зональной экспресс-диагностики функционального состояния организма человека. При создании системы были исследованы Р. Фоля, В. Шмидта, Х. Пфлаума.
Основным принципом работы АМСАТ является измерение электромагнитных параметров биологически активных 6 зон кожи (лоб, ладони, стопы): информация о состоянии организма получается путем многократного перекрестного электрического зондирования по 22м направлениям и оценке отклонения от условной нормы объемной электропроводности репрезентативных зон тела и связанных с ними органов и систем с помощью методов статистического анализа данных прямых измерений.
Комплекс позволяет:
  • Получать в кратчайший срок (до 2х минут) справочно-консультационную информацию (в графическом и диалоговом верифицированном режиме) о функциональном состоянии организма в форме «фантомного» анализа. См ниже:

  • Висцеротомный анализ.
  • Определять функциональный статус организма с выделением составных частей сомита (дерматома, миотома, склеротома, висцеротома), отражающих их физиологические особенности и патологические отклонения от нормы.
  • Осуществлять постановку клинико-диагностического заключения с использованием экспертной системы.
  • Проводить контроль над эффективностью и результатами лечения ИВТ/МРТ или любых других методов лечения.
  • Осуществлять динамический процесс самоанализа при проведении лечебно-профилактических мероприятий специалистами широкого круга традиционной медицины.
Практически, биофункциональная диагностика позволяет расшифровать сообщения относительно:
  • локализации поля или очага нарушений и его влияние на периферическую дисфункцию;
  • динамики регуляторного расстройства, т. е. направления его развития и, следовательно, прогноз;
  • терапевтического контроля посредством контрольных проверок и возможности критического исследования эффективности лечения.
При этом, разумеется, биофункциональная диагностика, так же, как и другие регуляторные диагностические методы, не может никоим образом заменить тщательное медицинское и клиническое обследование, а дополняется ими, или сама дополняет (или предваряет) их.
Каковы различия ИВТ и других систем волнового воздействия, применяемых в медицинской практике?
Применяемые в настоящее время в медицинской практике методы волнового воздействия на организм больного – КВЧ-терапия, микроволновая резонансная терапия (МРТ), миллиметровая терапия (ММТ) имеют ряд «технологических» недостатков, которые уменьшают эффективность их применения.
К основным недостаткам всех этих методов можно отнести:
  • отсутствие аргументированного выбора фиксированных частот внешнего ЭМИ, используемого в практике вышесказанных методов терапии.
  • заранее фиксированные частоты, конструктивно заложенные в устройствах для КВЧ-терапии или подбираемые врачом «терапевтические» частоты при МРТ навязываются организму, что не является для него адекватным физиологическим сигналом, и препятствуют свойственной любому организму поисковой деятельности по выбору оптимальных для него воздействий внешней среды.
  • отсутствие возможности оптимизации параметров облучающего сигнала в динамике лечебного процесса.
  • ограничение спектра внешнего ЭМИ только отдельными полосами частот, отсутствие других важных для организма частот ограничивает поисковую деятельность организмом оптимальных терапевтических частот внешнего ЭМИ и снижает терапевтический эффект этих методов.
  • активизация собственного ЭМИ клеток внешним ЭМИ не учитывает специфики общего информационного поля ансамбля клеток, органов и систем организма со спектром шумового характера.
№ п/п
Радикулоишемии с парезами стопы, кисти и т. п.
Неврит 7 п. ЧМН острый
-- | -- с контрактурой ММ лица
Порезы при поражении 3, 6 п. ЧМН
Последствия инсульта
Вертеброгенные периомартрозы
Верт. задн. шейный симпат. с-м
ДЭП 1-2 ст.
Посл. ЧМТ, н/инф. с разл. синдр.
Невралгия тройничного нерва
Другие прозопалгии
Рассеянный склероз
Гиперкинезы лицевые
Постгерпетическая невралгия
Торсионная дистония
ВСЕГО болезней НС
Другие болезни всего
ДОА, полиартриты
Болезни ЖКТ
Болезни органов дыхания
Б-ни гинекологические
Б-ни урологические
Гипертоническая б-нь 1-2 ст.
Болезни кожи
Обладая выраженным полифункциональным действием, ИВТ позволяет лечить большинство заболеваний безмедикаментозно и, при лечении основного заболевания, одновременно устранять в организме сопутствующие нарушения, т. е. эффективно применяется при сочетанных патологиях.
ИВТ применяется при лечении значительного количества заболеваний и практически не имеет противопоказаний. В каждом конкретном случае врач ИВТ разумно принимает решение о применении этой технологии. Естественно, следует учитывать, когда и на каком этапе следует проводить ИВТ в качестве основного или вспомогательного метода. При неотложных состояниях, требующих хирургического вмешательства или других экстренных мер, ИВТ может применяться как вспомогательный метод, хотя после операции и на другом этапе болезни будет целесообразно использовать ИВТ в качестве основного метода лечения.
Хорошо известно, что ИВТ также эффективно применяется для оказания неотложной помощи и лечения некоторых острых состояний.
Так как ИВТ базируется на принципе «разумности» организма, она представляет собой средство, в котором нуждается организм в данный момент, т. е. обезболивающее, противовоспалительное, сосудорасширяющее, антистрессорное и т. п., при выборе самим организмом индивидуальных, необходимого ему в данный момент множества терапевтических частот (т. е. это, по сути, полирезонансная волновая терапия).
В связи с тем, что организм безошибочно решает в каждый данный момент, что ему нужно, ИВТ индивидуально решает целые классы медицинских проблем, т. е. имеет панацейный характер!
В самом деле, каким еще одним лечебным средством или методом можно:
  • снять боль до ремиссии при невралгии тройничного нерва;
  • восстановить в два раза быстрее, чем миотоном и другими методами, парез стопы после радикулоишемии или кисти после неврита лучевого нерва или плексита;
  • добиться значительного восстановления и уменьшения косметического дефекта при контрактуре мимических мышц давностью 10-20 лет;
  • за 1-2 курса из 10 сеансов добиться выздоровления при легком и умеренном неврите лицевого нерва;
  • восстановить движение глазных яблок при поражении нервов-глазодвигателей;
  • улучшить движение и уменьшить спастичность мышц при постинсультном парезе давностью от 2 до 7 лет.
  • наконец, получить значительное клиническое улучшение у больного с торсионной дистонией?
Любой невропатолог-практик с пониманием скажет, что этого очень трудно, а подчас и невозможно достичь обычными методами лечения.
Поэтому, если эффективность ИВТ иллюстрировать на примере лечения язвенной болезни, где она дает до 96% закрытия дефекта слизистой желудка или двенадцатиперстной кишки и чаще путем эпителизации, и когда длительность лечения сокращается в 3-4 раза, а рецидивы случаются в 4-5 раз реже – это уже не удивляет.
Практические выводы:
  • ИВТ обладает уникальным противоболевым эффектом, что важно в лечении таких малокурабельных патологий, как невралгия тройничного нерва, других прозопалгий;
  • Реабилитационные и рекреационные возможности ИВТ в лечении периферических парезов (вследствие радикулоишемии, мононевритов, плеситов, неврита лицевого нерва) превосходят миотон и другие методики по быстроте восстановления движений и по курабельности анамнестически давних поражений;
  • При парезах глазодвигательных мышц вследствие неврита или др. поражений 3, 4, 6 пар ЧМН восстановить или компенсировать диплопию, ликвидировать косоглазие как косметический дефект – здесь методу ИВТ вообще нет альтернативы, т. к. другое лечение не эффективно, или дает такой результат, который не может быть оценен как результат;
  • В лечении центральных парезов (постинсультных, посттравматических) ИВТ значительно расширяет временные параметры и клиническую эффективность реабилитационных мер, так как дает улучшение и в сроки 2-6 лет от начала заболевания;
  • В лечении контрактур мимических мышц после тяжелых невритов лицевого нерва нет другого метода кроме ИВТ, который был бы так же эффективен в случае «свежих» контрактур и вообще давал клиническое и косметическое улучшение при контрактурах мимических мышц давностью 10-15-20 лет.
Таким образом, ИВТ – это дистантное биоуправление физиологическими процессами организма.
Информационно-волновая терапия определяется формулой:
3Э + Д = ИВТ: Эффективность, Экономичность, Экологичность + Демонстративность.
На сегодняшний день не существует иной медицинской технологии, которая сопоставима с ИВТ в этом плане, поэтому перспективы использования ИВТ в будущем практически неограничены.

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  • Melt away your belly and thigh fat and regain a lean appearance
  • Put elasticity back into your skin so that the wrinkles disappear and the skin surface glows
  • Grow healthier, glistening hair and nails
  • Feel energy coursing through your muscles and veins
  • Improve your memory
  • Have more sexual energy and stamina
  • Develop a stronger immune system
  • Lower your cholesterol levels
  • Build strong and healthy bones
  • Feel the optimism of youth every morning

An Age Reversal Secret that Works
for Both Men and Women!

This is not a speculation about the future. Clinical trials are already underway. Thousands upon thousands of people have been experiencing the amazing benefits of these kinds of treatments. In fact, there are so many examples or ordinary people benefiting from this that I couldn’t possibly list them all here.
But let me tell you the story of Dr. John Baron. At the age 82 he began the program to recapture his youth.
Listen to his own words:

“I’m surprised myself. I’d say my libido and
sexual function is as good as it was
when I was 25.”

Then, there’s Janice Thompson, a 57-year-old lady who was suffering from severe back pain. So much so, that she said she couldn’t even go about her daily activities.
She followed the same treatment. After only a very brief period of times he reported a “significant” reduction in pain. It was such an improvement that she was able to quickly and easily do all her daily activities without any discomfort.
So what is this amazing treatment?
First, let me tell you what it isn’t. It’s not:
  • Taking steroids or other medicines with dangerous side effects
  • Engaging in any kind of exercise program
  • Using any creams or sprays
  • Engaging in any meditation or other spiritual activities

Jump Starting Your Own
Body’s Youth Hormones

Unless you've had your head buried in the sand, you've probably heard of Human Growth Hormone or HGH.
HGH is a protein of about 190 amino acids. It is synthesized and secreted in the pituitary gland by cells called somatotrophs. HGH is entirely natural and entirely necessary for healthy functions. It is a major participant in control of several complex physiologic processes, including growth and metabolism. (2)
HGH has an anabolic effect on the body. That means it builds up muscles and tissues. Below are just of the important roles that HGH plays in your body.
  • Increases calcium retention, and strengthens and increases the mineralization of bone
  • Increases muscle mass through sarcomere hyperplasia
  • Promotes lipolysis
  • Increases protein synthesis
  • Stimulates the growth of all internal organs excluding the brain
  • Plays a role in homeostasis
  • Reduces liver uptake of glucose
  • Promotes gluconeogenesis in the liver
  • Contributes to the maintenance and function of pancreatic islets Stimulates the immune system
In addition, HGH reduces excess body fat (especially abdominal fat), increases muscle mass, reduces wrinkling of the skin, increases skin elasticity, reverses cognitive decline, stimulates the production of the bone marrow cells that produce red blood cells and slows the progression of cardiovascular disease.
In other words HGH is a miracle hormone when it comes to delaying or even reversing all the major aspects of aging. It works on the inside and the outside, on your skin and on your muscles and internal organs. And, as an added plus, it also boosts sexual performance in men. (4)
In 1990, considerable excitement was generated from a report by Rudman and colleagues which described wonderful effects of HGH treatment in a small group of elderly men. These volunteers, who ranged in age from 61 to 81 years, showed increased lean body and bone mass, decreased fat mass and, perhaps most dramatically, restoration of skin thickness to that typical of a 50-year-old.
At a first glance, perhaps this sounds like an easy problem to remedy.
All you have to do is get some HGH supplements, right? After all, they are available. You can have HGH directly injected into your body.
Unfortunately, it's not that simple. First of all, direct HGH injections are incredibly expensive. In fact, you can expect prescription HGH therapy to cost about $1000 a treatment.
Unfortunately, the cost is actually not the biggest problem. Direct HGH supplementation comes with a high risk of serious side effects, including:
  • Premature death (in case of acromegaly)
  • Heart enlargement (due to prolonged use of HGH. Can't be reversed)
  • Low blood sugar with risk of going into a diabetic coma
  • Excessive hair growth all over the body
  • Excessive water retention
  • Liver damage
  • Thyroid damage
As you can see these are some pretty scary possibilities.
Fortunately, there is now a solution. And it comes from Mother Nature, who always seems to give us a safer way to do what drugs do without side effects.

How to Stimulate Your Body to Manufacture
More HGH on it's own

According to
At the age of 30, people have spent most of their lives with fairly high levels of human growth hormone (HGH). HGH is responsible for growth during childhood -- and for the repair and regeneration of human tissue throughout our lives. By the time we reach the age of 30, our HGH levels are only about 20 percent of their peak levels during childhood, and after the age of 30, they continue to decline at about 12 to 15 percent per decade, and often much more. By the time most of us are 30 years old, our bodies no longer produce enough HGH to repair all of the damage that is occurring in our bodies. As our HGH levels continue to decline, the damage that we call aging continues to accelerate.
I'd like to introduce to you a product that is a combination of some of the most potent all natural nutrients to help kick start your own body's HGH production.
HGH Activator
HGH Activator has been carefully tested and developed to be help your body increase it's own HGH production. Just look at what HGH Activator has in it's arsenal to help your body rejuvenate and recapture it's youth.
Glutamine is an essential amino acid, a major building block of the muscles and the body. It is considered to be the most abundant free amino acid, and it is technically considered to be a semi-essential amino acid.
Glutamine works to prevent muscle loss and muscle wasting rebuilding muscles and repairing muscles after injuries and tough workouts while preventing the muscle waste associated with prolonged bed rest or inactivity due to sports related injuries. (5)
In a 1995 study by Thomas C. Welbourne of Louisiana State University College of medicine in Shreveport. Welbourne showed that a surprisingly small oral dose of about 2 grams of glutamine raised growth hormone levels more than four times over that of a placebo. Even more exciting, age did not diminish the response at least in this small study of volunteers, who ranged from thirty-two to sixty-four years. (6)
L-arginine is an amino acid that has numerous functions in the body. It is considered essential because the body cannot create it on its own, and must get it through supplementation or food.
Most scientists believe that L-arginine promotes HGH release by inhibiting somatostatin, and this has been demonstrated in at least one scientific study. (7)
There is a large body of scientific study on the effects of L-arginine on growth hormone release. In fact, the administration of a large dose of L-arginine is the standard test for the ability of the pituitary to release growth hormone.
L-Lysine is an amino acid, one that is essential to the process of the human body. However, unlike many other amino acids, L-Lysine cannot be produced naturally within the body of humans so it must be ingested through other means. Once ingested, L-Lysine performs more than just a few essential functions for the human body.
The combination of Arginine with L-lysine is one of the first natural HGH releasers proven by scientific research to work. A study on HGH release using Lysine and Arginine was conducted in 1981 by Italian researcher A. Isidori, M.D., and his associates at the University of Rome. It was found in the study that the combination of lysine and Arginine Pyroglutamate, in 15 male volunteers, was 10 times more effective than taking Arginine Pyroglutamate alone. (8)
Ornithine Alphaketoglutarate:
Ornithine Alphaketoglutarate: Or OKG, is formed from the amino acids ornithine and glutamine. OKG is believed to enhance the bodys release of muscle-building hormones, such as growth hormone and insulin, and increases arginine and glutamine levels in muscle. OKG also encourages synthesis of polyamine and helps prevent the breakdown of muscle while increasing muscle growth. Studies in the medical field have shown that ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate preserve muscle protein synthesis and spares nitrogen. (9)
L-glycine, also simply called glycine, is an amino acid your body uses to create proteins and transmit neurochemical signals through your brain.
Glycine aids in the manufacture of other amino acids and is a part of the structure of hemoglobin and cytochromes (enzymes involved in energy production).
Two studies found that this amino acid increased HGH in the serum. In one, 6.75 grams at bedtime caused an three-fold increase, while a Japanese research team showed that 30 grams raised HGH levels ten times over baseline in patients who had gastric surgery. An oral dose of 250 milligrams in normal volunteers also showed a significant, but less pronounced, rise in HGH.
They conclude that "the facts demonstrated that glycine is one of the stimulatory agents inducing the pituitary gland to secrete HGH." (10)
And to round out our formula to make sure it's fully loaded with all of the tools your needs to help you regain your youth HGH Activator also includes:
Orinthine l- orinthine hci
L-Ornithine is a potent amino acid for stimulating the production and release of Human Growth Hormone from the pituitary gland. It's similar to and can be changed to L-arginine in the body.
Ornithine successfully raised growth hormone in a clinical study.  Researchers found that twenty-five percent of the subjects experienced significant increases in serum growth hormone levels at the two lower doses, while half the subjects showed an increase in growth hormone at the highest dose. Growth hormone rose, in some cases, up to four times the baseline level. (11)
Colostrum 30% LgG:
Colostrum is the pre-milk liquid produced by the mammary gland during the first 24-48 hours after birth. Colostrum strengthens the body's immune system. According to research conducted by the Government Center for Disease, doctors report that Colostrum users benefit by enhanced well being, energy, and stamina, as well as a lower incidence of sickness, flu, sinus, and ear infections.

HGH Activator is Very Expensive to Produce

As I'm sure you can imagine, putting all these rare and powerful natural ingredients together is an expensive process. And that's why HGH Activator is not cheap.
But because we have refined our production methods we've reduced the costs considerably. Compared to the thousand dollars or more of a dose of synthetic HGH supplementation, it's a downright bargain!
We first priced HGH Activator at $150 a month. That made it 8 times cheaper than the manufactured stuff. But since we want to make this available to as many people as possible we've cut our costs to the bone. You will be able to get the optimum monthly treatment of HGH Activator for just a fraction of that.
I'll give you the full details, but first I want to give you one more piece of good news.

You Can Try HGH Activator With No Risk!

Here's the deal. I'm so confident that you are going to be thrilled with the results of this incredible natural supplement that is going to help you restore your youth to a degree you never would've dared to even dream, that I'm going to give you a no risk "test drive."
I'm going to give you up to a full 30 days to give HGH Activator a try. If for any reason, you aren't absolutely thrilled with the results, you can send me your unused portion or even the empty bottle, and I'll give you a 100% refund.
How can I make such a generous guarantee? It's quite simple. HGH Activator is an exceptional product. I know you're not going to want to return it. In fact, I believe that you'll be scrambling to place your next order to make sure you never run out.
Okay, so now that you have no reason in the world why you wouldn't want to try HGH Activator, let's get back to the price.
As I explained, this isn't some garden variety vitamin you can go pick up at the supermarket.
It's a highly potent mixture of very expensive all natural top grade nutrients and it's not cheap to make.
However, I did promise to offer you the opportunity to enjoy the youth restoration benefits of this amazing product at a price that is affordable. So, if you can help me clear out some space in my office this is what I'm going to do…

Only $39!

Yes, you've read correctly. I am offering you the chance to take advantage of the incredible youth restoration benefits of HGH Activator for only $39 for a 30 day supply.
But, please understand that I cannot guarantee how long I will be able to maintain this introductory price because we both know that it's real price should be at least double if not triple this bargain offer.
And, you might think I'm crazy, but I really need to get rid of these stacks of bottles in my office, so if you're the kind of person that enjoys getting a discount for buying n quantity, then I'll even cut you a better deal if you pick up a three or six month supply.
Like I said in the beginning, perhaps there is no magic wand to make you 25 again, but the science is there that shows that getting your body to increase it's own HGH production is the next best thing.
So, if you want to look and feel young again, then I strongly suggest you place your order right now before the price goes up to it's real value.
Larry Berman
President of Naturecast Products
____Yes, Larry, I want to feel and look young again. I want to improve my lean muscle mass, get rid of unwanted fat, regain skin that is soft and less wrinkled. In short I want back my youth. I understand that I will have no risk because there is a 100% money back guarantee if I am not thrilled with HGH Activator.
Best Deal - 6 bottles of HGH Activator – (six month supply) for only $179.70
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Let me get started - 1 bottle – (30 day supply) of HGH Activator for only $39.00


Жизнь представляет собой динамическое единство трех потоков - вещества, энергии и информации, которые невозможно разделить.
Любая болезнь - это, прежде всего, сбой в передаче информации, но в борьбе за здоровье человека центром внимания медицины всегда оставалась материя.
Следствием этого стало огромное количество фармакологических средств - так человек научился вмешиваться в обменные процессы своего организма, оптимизируя их с помощью таблетки. Такой подход характерен для любого метода лечения, основанного на принципах, определенных "традиционной" концепцией главенства материального. Именно поэтому все существующие методы лечения рака, лечение хронического гепатита, лечение СПИДа,лечение туберкулеза легких  и множества других серьезных заболеваний не способны дать стойкого положительного эффекта. Не разумнее ли будет "отрегулировать" физиологию через волновые сигналы, излучаемые клетками, органами, всей системой организма?
Именно такой принцип управления физиологией организма и лежит в основе новой медицинской технологии - информационно-волновой терапии (ИВТ).
Любая патология организма отражается на электромагнитном поле (ЭМП), окружающем живой организм, - то есть при заболевании происходит нарушение электромагнитного гомеостаза (ЭМГ). ЭМГ здорового организма стабилен и гармоничен с окружающей средой, у больного же, напротив, происходят изменения в его электромагнитном поле.
Принцип ИВТ состоит в том, что организму предлагается определенный набор сверхслабых электромагнитных излучений (ЭМИ) в широком спектре частот (ноу-хау), адекватных собственным ЭМИ организма. Это достигается с помощью устройства "ИНВЕРТА" через проекции зон информационно - волновых взаимодействий (ИВВ), расположенных на поверхности кожи человека. 

Процесс восстановления нарушенного ЭМГ осуществляется самим организмом без внешнего вмешательства. Организм больного, как активная локационная система, "ощупывает" внешнюю среду и выбирает оптимальные для себя "терапевтические" ЭМИ, которые восстанавливают нарушенный ЭМГ и становятся эффективным средством, позволяющим провести, к примеру, лечение рака желудка, экземы, бронхиальной астмы, гепатита, туберкулеза и других заболеваний без любых побочных эффектов.
ИВТ - уникальная медицинская технология взаимодействия с организмом, направленная на восстановление нормальной жизнедеятельности всех функций и систем организма.
Обладая выраженной полифункциональностью, ИВТ позволяет проводить
  безмедикамен-тозную профилактику и лечение большинства заболеваний, а также устранять в организме сопутствующие нарушения при лечении основного заболевания.
ИВТ является безопасной и экологически чистоймедицинской технологией, которая демонстрирует высокую эффективность. За счет применения метода ИВТ естественный ЭМГ организма быстро восстанавливается, а профилактика рака, профилактика гепатита и других заболеваний оказывается максимально эффективной. Методика характеризуется высокой результативностью сокращающей в 1.5-2 раза сроки лечения, профилактики и реабилитации.
Профилактические и реабилитационные процедуры при лечении монометодом проводятся бесконтактным способом, без какого-либо механического и химического вмешательства в организм больного. 
Последние достижения в ИВТ - лечение иммунодефицитных состояний, в т.ч. лечение гепатита C, полирезистентного туберкулеза, СПИДа* и др.
С искренними пожеланиями в первую очередь врачам ИВТ и другим пользователям технологии, новых достижений и успехов в нашей общей, нелегкой, но благородной работе, направленной на сохранение здоровья человека.
Николай Колбун,
PhDGrandPhD, д.т.н.,
академик УАН

Интервью с Н.И.

         Много столетий назад философ пожаловался соседу, что он никак не может понять, что такое жизнь. А сосед, который занимался торговлей, ответил ему: «Но это же так просто: на ярмарке за дохлого коня разве дадут столько, сколько за живого?»

            А в самом деле, почему не дадут? Потому, что в дохлом коне, как и во всем, что не является живым, оборваны информационные потоки. Жизнь – это постоянный обмен вещества и сопровождающий его постоянный информационный обмен. И все это обеспечивается энергией. Разделить эти компоненты совершенно невозможно. И вот медицина много столетий занималась только одним компонентом – веществом, а информация терялась из поля зрения.  
И вот сейчас, когда обвал открытий сделан в биологии, стало понятно, какое огромное белое пятно осталось за плечами у медицины. И если не знаешь, что происходит на информационном уровне, совершенно не понятно, что происходит на уровне обмена веществ.  
Отсюда всякие неприятности, неполадки, болезни, связанные с лекарствами, болезни, которые невозможно преодолеть. Короче, мы пришли непосредственно к факту: без информации развиваться медицина не может. И вот это белое пятно мы и взялись заполнить. И заполняем уж много лет, имея в своем распоряжении большой статистический материал, наработанный в процессе опытов, исследований, размышлений. И сейчас, когда остро встал вопрос, что же происходит на уровне информации, у нас уже готов ответ. И не только ответ, но готов способ повлиять на организм в нужном направлении. 
Один из самых таких важных моментов сегодняшнего дня является взаимодействие между человеком и окружающим его микромиром. Мы привыкли считать бактерии, вирусы враждебными сущностями, которые могут только навредить человеку, с которыми нужно бороться. Но теперь уже понятно, что это совсем не так. Дело в том, что жизнь развивается в определенной среде и человеческий организм функционирует только в определенной среде. И микроорганизмы, и человек прошли огромный эволюционный путь. И прошли его вместе, взаимодействуя между собой.  
И то, что мы привыкли называть болезнью, это только верхушка айсберга, под которым прячутся очень сложные и очень непростые отношения между человеком и микромиром. Вот мы считаем, что вирусы – это крайне вредные сущности. А представьте себе, как происходит взаимодействие между человеческим организмом и окружающей средой? Ведь все время все меняется в окружающем нас мире: меняется температура, меняется давление, космическое излучение и организм должен все время к этому приспосабливаться.   
Каким образом? Значит, должна быть какая-то петля обратной связи, как говорят ученые. Должны быть какие-то движущие силы, которые постоянно вносят информацию в человеческий организм. И параллельно что-то берут оттуда, внося в окружающий мир. И вот эта петля обратной связи очень долго опять-таки игнорировалась медициной. Сейчас становится понятно, что напрасно. Мы очень изменяемся. Мы изменяемся не потому, что у нас что-то внешне меняется. У нас меняется многое на уровне клетки, клеточные характеристики.  В первую очередь изменяется оболочка клетки. На ней появляются новые молекулы, другие молекулы исчезают. И болезнь начинается только тогда, когда возбудитель вступает в химическую реакцию с какой-то группой атомов, которые находятся на поверхности клетки.  
Так вот эти группы атомов постоянно меняются. Это та причина, почему человек уже не болеет проказой, чумой, холерой, но появились новые болезни. Каким образом это все происходит? Вот это является предметом нашего изучения. Потому что мы хотим влиять на человеческий механизм через информацию. Почему именно через информацию? Да потому, что эра антибиотиков уже кончается. Когда-то это было грандиозное открытие, оно спасло много человеческих жизней, это была сенсация, породила надежды, что еще немного и удастся преодолеть все болезни.   
Но прошло достаточно много времени и возвратился туберкулез, который уже не реагирует ни на какие антибиотики. Возвращаются другие болезни и появились совершенно новые. Так что же делать в конечном итоге? Ответ один: надо понимать, что происходит на уровне клетки, на уровне отдельной органической молекулы. А все, что происходит там, это обмен веществ, обмен органических молекул, которые имеют свое отображение в информации, информационном поле, которое окружает любую клетку, любую систему человеческого организма.  
Любая реакция имеет свой информационный портрет. Из этого следует вывод, что можно информацией, избежав действия лекарства, достичь того же самого результата. Больше того, информацией можно достичь того, что микромир, который потерял чувствительность к лекарствам, восстанавливает ее. Вот в нашем институте, я считаю, сделано замечательное открытие. Профессор Ярешко в пределах нашего института сделал это открытие, который сочетал информационно-волновую терапию, влияние информации сочетал с антибиотиками, и оказалось, что возбудитель туберкулеза восстановил свою чувствительность к действию антибиотиков.   
То есть эволюционные процессы в какой-то мере повернуть еще можно. Еще можно. Но если человек позволит им зайти слишком далеко, тогда уже возвратить, конечно, ничего нельзя. Человек очень изменился. Мы живем в эпоху научно-технического прогресса. Меняется все вокруг нас и меняемся мы сами. В конце 19 века в нормальной картине крови количество лейкоцитоза было 12-14 тысяч, а потом стало 8-10, а сейчас даже 4 тысячи никого не испугают. Это говорит о том, что мы стали иными.  
Нам докучает грипп, который появился где-то в самом конце 19 столетия вместе с явлениями научно-технического прогресса. Тогда в окружающих лесах потемнели бабочки, березовые пядуны из-за того, что было много выхлопов промышленных газов. Появился он не случайно. Это следствие того, что человек делает своими руками. Это не просто следствие, это адаптационный механизм, который приспосабливает нас к тому, что мы сами же создаем. И иного пути у природы нет.  
И вот эти адаптационные силы, которые приспосабливают наш организм, это являются вирусы, которые постоянно вживляются в нашу клетку. Это совершенно естественное явление, они являются составной частью окружающей среды, как и воздух, как и вода, и не надо думать, что это что-то особенное и необыкновенное. Они созданы для того, чтобы вживляться в клетку человеческого организма. Это по сути генетическое послание.  
Они первыми принимают на себя удар об изменениях в окружающей среде и, вживляясь, вносят в наш генетический аппарат сведения об этих изменениях. И из этого опять-таки возникает вопрос: а что же делать с болезнями? Очевидно, надо научиться по-новому с ними справляться. Надо воспринимать окружающий мир и человеческий организм как единое целое. Мы работаем над изменением парадигмы. А парадигма – это система знаний и представлений о каком-то предмете. В данном случае предметом нашего исследования является все, что связано с человеческим здоровьем.  
              Так вот мы считаем, что пришло время переходить от парадигмы, которая утвердилась со времен Парацельса о том, что можно убить каждую бактерию, каждого вируса, о том, что нужно вырвать болезнь с корнем, переходить к взаимодействию с микромиром под информационным контролем. Ибо информация, разумно вводимая в организм, будет направлять все процессы туда, куда это нужно для того, чтобы человек был здоровым. Это то, над чем мы работаем.   

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